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Some of our best-selling systems:


Best Value:
SolarEdge Grid-Tied Systems

  • SolarEdge Power Optimizers can boost performance up to 25%
  • Some shade tolerance
  • Suniva or Astronergy panels
  • 2kW to 13kW

Easily Expandable:
Enphase Grid-Tied Systems

  • Start small and grow your system over time
  • Some shade tolerance
  • Suniva or Astronergy panels
  • 0.2kW to 22kW+

Most Affordable:
SMA Grid-Tied Systems

  • Affordable, high-quality, tried and true
  • Best for homes with unobstructed skies
  • Suniva or Astronergy panels
  • 3kW to 13kW

Off-Grid Systems

  • Green power for your homestead, cabin, or tiny home.
  • Battery backup and generators available
  • Suniva or Astronergy panels
  • 0.3kW to 15kW+

We have many other options.
Call 1-800-472-1142 to talk to our solar experts. We'll help you find the best fit and provide a free, no-obligation quote.

How do I choose a system?

Don't panic. Every homeowner asks this question, and we're here to help. The basic overview is:

  1. Choose between a grid-tied or off-grid system. Many people think they need off-grid, but did you know grid-tied is actually a better value? We'll explain the difference and help you choose.
  2. Properly size your system based on your location and power usage. This step can be complicated. Grab your last few power bills and give us a call at 1-800-472-1142 for help. Let us do the math for you.
  3. Determine which components to get based on your needs and personal preferences. There are trade-offs between price, performance/efficiency, physical size, country of manufacture, color, wind and snow loading, etc. Don't worry, we'll help you figure it all out for your specific requirements.

Let us help. Contact us for a free, no-obligation, professional system consultation and quote.

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