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Why Choose Wholesale Solar?

...Thanks for your help, patience and answers to my questions. Also want to say the equipment was packaged very well and came with no parts missing. All in all, I was exceptionally pleased with my experience with Wholesale Solar."  Read Lance's full review...
  • Our Well-Trained Solar Design Staff, most of whom have solar on their own homes, are kept up-to-date on latest product development.
  • Superior Customer Service Before AND After the Sale.
  • Ability to Custom Design Systems for your unique needs.
  • Four Star Solar Power Inverter Centers—the heart of your off-grid or back up power system—are pre-wired and tested in-house with highest quality components to save you time and money.
  • Highly Competitive Pricing due to our ability to buy and warehouse in large quantities.
  • Ability to Expedite Shipping from our fully stocked warehouses.
  • Great Shipping Prices from major carriers across U.S.
  • See reviews from our customers or read more testimonials on our Google Plus page.

Customer-Friendly Sales Process

Josh the Tech Guy and Todd

No one will try to convince you of anything. Our job is to give you the information you need to choose a system that does what you want it to do. Period. No hard sell. No cold calls. No push.

We are a company that runs on sales, and we try to do our jobs as efficiently as possible. We appreciate your honesty and clarity and we will give you the same, from answering your initial questions, to designing and quoting prices, to accepting payment and shipping your products to you.

Superior Customer Service Before and After the Sale

This is one of the primary things that sets us apart from competitors. Our solar system designers, sales, technical and customer support crew are all in one office (except for Wil in New Mexico) and the team works like clockwork to get you what you need. We don't forget about you once you've received your equipment! Our tech support is available to answer your questions and make sure your educated and informed every step of the way.  100% Employee-Owned Company. Each individual has a vested interest in the company and is willing to go the extra mile. Our growing operation includes over forty employees, three sales offices, and two warehouses.

100% Employee-Owned Company

Each individual has a vested interest in the company and is willing to go the extra mile. Our growing operation includes over forty employees, three sales offices, and two warehouses. 

At an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) meeting. Wholesale Solar is 100% employee-owned.

American-Owned and Proud

We also try to stock as much U.S. equipment as we can. We normally offer an American-made option for our pre-packaged solar power systems.

Professionally Designed Packaged Systems Save You Time and Money

In addition to custom solar system design, Wholesale Solar offers pre-assembled system packages with safe, high-quality, reliable components for a variety of applications. They come in all sizes, large or small, and are appropriate for home, business or industrial projects.

Wholesale Solar Can Custom Design Any System

Whatever your projects or goals are, Wholesale Solar can design any system to match your particular needs. You'll also receive a customized wiring diagram. 

We Don't Just Sell Solar, We Live With It

Many of Wholesale Solar's employees have installed solar power systems on their own homes – both on and off the grid. They know first hand what it's like to "go solar" and are better equipped to help you because of it. See photos of some of their installations

Many of Wholesale Solar's employees have installed solar on their own homes. See photos.
Many of Wholesale Solar's employees have installed solar on their own homes. See photos.

Fast, Efficient Delivery

Staffed by a friendly skilled team, our warehouse is on the I-5 corridor. Our large inventory of components, packaged systems, and easy access to the freeway allow us to fulfill your orders quickly. 

Our shipping provider, XPO Logistics (formerly Con-way), presents their "Effective Solutions" shipping award to the Wholesale Solar warehouse crew.

Concerned About Quality?

If you see too-good-to-be-true pricing on panels, INVESTIGATE.

Read the fine print. Does your quote contain language that permits bait and switch? It would look like this:

"Because product orders are subject to supply availability, _____________ reserves the right to substitute product types and quantities as may be necessary without prior notice. Finally, please note that due to the recent volatility in fuel prices, we regret that we are unable to guarantee freight quotes and they are subject to adjustment after _______________ accepts your order. We will endeavor to promptly notify you should any such repricing be necessary."

Consider the following...

  • What will you do if there are problems with the panels after purchase? Does the company you are buying from have a stable history in distribution? Are they profitable? Is it simply a guy with a warehouse who bought solar panels as an investment and now needs his cash out of his investment? Is this a risk you want to take with your own hard-earned money?
  • Are you looking at panels that are old models that have been dumped into the market without adequate warranty?
  • Is the warranty for the “original buyer”?
  • Will that original buyer (who you are thinking about buying from) be able to make good on replacement if necessary?
  • Are you buying B grade panels “with cosmetic damage only”? Was the cosmetic damage caused by pallet damage during shipping? Has it affected the warranty?

Wholesale Solar, Inc. is proud to carry only top tier solar panels. None of the manufacturers we buy from have ever been implicated in switching cheap defective modules for good. We have no confidentiality agreements with any vendors or manufacturers regarding communications about quality or real experience.

If you are concerned with quality, and you should be, remember that if the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

As interest in solar grows in the U.S., utilities and old-school fossil fuel based energy producers are fighting for their market share by investing in negative media and political campaigns. Question your news sources. Do your consumer homework. Ask for references and reviews. Then enjoy the confidence that comes with making good choices for your family, your pocketbook and the environment.