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Discontinued Product

Wholesale Solar no longer offers the Advanced Energy PVP1100-SD-120 PV Powered Inverter Inverter

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Advanced Energy PVP1100-SD-120 PV Powered Inverter Inverter

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Advanced Energy:
  • High CEC Efficiency Ratings
  • Made in USA

Product Information

Model Part No. Watts Input
Type Price
Advanced Energy PVP1100-SD-120 PV Powered Inverter Inverter29381951100W120VACCALL


Wholesale Solar proudly sells American-made PV Powered gridtie inverters including the PVP1100, PVP 2000, PVP2500, PVP3000, PVP3500, PVP4600, PVP4800 and the PVP5200 inverters. PV Powered, Inc. inverters take the industry lead as far as reliability and innovation. The integrated AC and DC PV System Disconnects eliminate the need for extra equipment allowing for a more efficient, cleaner and less expensive installation. 

PV Powered is now the only manufacturer of a residential inverter integrated with an AC/DC PV System Disconnect that is listed to the UL 98 Standard. (The UL 98 Standard, called “Enclosed and Dead-front Switches,” ensures the integrated PV Powered disconnect meets all installation and inspection requirements of a PV System Disconnect.)

PV Powered’s string inverters are backed by the industry’s first nation-wide ten year warranty and equipment replacement program. Call Wholesale Solar at (1-800-472-1142 to find out more. 

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Features & Attributes

  • • Endurance tested to 20 year operating life
  • • Lowest part counts and fewest interconnects eliminate common failure points
  • • Field-proven technology with thousands of units installed nationwide
  • • Integrated AC and DC PV System Disconnect is UL 98 Standard for use with PV Powered UL 1741 Listed string inverters
  • • Robust testing of disconnect switch mechanism to UL 98 Standard
  • • Single AC/DC switch visible and lockable in the OFF position
  • • NEC Compliant internal wire raceway enables side-by-side mounting
  • • Direct-to-wall surface enclosure design allows for easy access and installation
  • • Factory integrated inverter and PV System Disconnect eliminates the need for extra equipment
  • • Integrated disconnect reduces conduit connection points saving installation time and material cost
  • • Field-configurable positive ground applications with simple jumper selection
  • • Optimally placed knockouts for a variety of conduit routing options.
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Advanced Energy PVP1100-SD-120 PV Powered Inverter Inverter

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