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email sales@wholesalesolar.com, or Request a Quote

All Brands of Solar Panel Racking and Solar Panel Mounts at the Lowest Prices

With a hacksaw, a few basic tools, and a couple of trips to the hardware store, you can attach your solar panels to whatever you want, but be aware that in some situations it is unwise and even unlawful to mount your own panels. We've seen solar arrays installed in all sorts of situations, from single module, to large arrays, in residential or commercial applications.

Do you need more information about How Solar Panels Should Be Mounted before choosing?

Wholesale Solar's Comprehensive Mounting Installation Guide

Wholesale Solar has put together a comprehensive installation guide for IronRidge XRL and IronRidge XRS Rails with the Wiley Grounding system and optional QuickMount or Ecofasten roof flashings.

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ModelPart No.TypePrice
XR100 Option D Racking Rails / Hardware6913231Kit
XR1000 Option D Rails / Hardware6932904Kit
System Upgrade to 2" SGA6932930Kit$40.00
System Upgrade to 3" SGA6932928Kit
Iron Ridge XR1000 Option D racks per 65" X 39" Module inc. Grounding6913220Kit
Universal RV Mount6951049KitCALL
IronRidge 3" SGA per 65" X 39" per module6912151KitCALL
FlashFoot - Silver - (6) Set6500150Flashing
Mid Clamp Silver "F,G" 2.5"6401084Clamp
IronRidge 3" SGA per 63" X 32" per module6912180KitCALL
IronRidge 2" SGA per 65" X 39" per module6912153KitCALL
Mounting Hardware Kit for XRS1898690Flashing
ModelPart No.TypePrice
QMNC A 12 New Construction Mount w/ Hardware (singles)6961034Flashing
Quick Mount Shake Mounts - Mill Finish - QMLC (12 pk.)6963158$244.00
QMLSH-12 A12 Tilt Mount Standoff6944447Stand-Off$32.50
QMLSH-3.75 A12 Tilt Mount Standoff6944444Stand-Off$25.00
Quick Mount QMNC-A-12 QBase 12 pk)6961033$280.00
Quick Mount QBase Shake and Slate Mounts - Mill Finish - QMNS (12 pk.)6960211$449.00
Quick Mount Shake Mounts - Mill Finish - QMLC (Single)6963163$30.00
Quick Mount 4" Aluminum Flashing for QBase Low Slope Mount - QMLSF-4 - 12 pack6963295Flashing$300.00
Quick Mount Universal Tile Mount QMUTM BRONZE 12PK6963286$575.00
Quick Mount Conduit Mounts 12 pack (Clear Anodized) QMCC-C 126963226$230.00
QMLSH-7 A12 Tilt Mount Standoff6944445Stand-Off$27.50
QMLSH-9 A12 Tilt Mount Standoff6944446Stand-Off
QMSE A 12 PV E-Mount Flashing - Single6963152Flashing
Quick Mount PV QMSE-A E-Mount Flashing 12 Pack 9 x 12 (Mill finish)6963151Flashing$140.00
Quick Mount PV 3.75" Low Slope 12 pack (Mill) - QMLSH6963007$300.00
QMSC A 12 PV Composition Flashing6963150Flashing
Quick Mount PV 12 pack (Mill) - QMLSH6963157$330.00
Quick Mount PV Specialty Flat Tile Flashing 12 pack (Mill) 12x17 QMFTM6963156Flashing$445.00
Quick Mount QMNC-B-12 QBase New Construction Composition Mount (12 pk)6961035$635.00
Quick Mount QMC 5.5" Mill Finished Post6961037$4.00
Quick Mount PV QMSE-B E-Mount Flashing 12 Pack 9 x 12 (Bronze finish)6963153Flashing$220.00
Standard Height Side Mounted Quick Hook - Singles6963289Flashing
QMUTM A 1 Universal Tile Mount - Single6963287Flashing
Quick Mount PV Standard Flat Tile Flashing 12 pack (Mill) QMSFT 18x186963180Flashing$405.00
QMSFT A 1 PV Standard Flat Tile Flashing - Single6963181Flashing
Quick Mount PV Composition Flashing 12 pack (Clear) 12x12 QMSC6963175Flashing$297.00
Quick Mount PV 9" Low Slope Flashing 12 pack (Mill) - QMLSH6963197Flashing$360.00
QMCC-A Classic Conduit Mount6963228Flashing
Quick Mount PV 12" Low Slope Flashing 12 pack (Mill) - QMLSH6963247Flashing$390.00
Quick Mount PV Flat Tile Flashing 12 pack (Bronze) 12x126963255Flashing$647.00
Quick Mount Curved Tile Flashing Mill Alum 18"x18" w/HDWE 12 pk6963275Flashing$437.74
Quick Mount Tile Conduit Penetration Flashing- 12 pack - QMCPT6963284Flashing$283.00
Quick Mount PV Composition Flashing 12 pack (Bronze) 12x12 QMSC-B6963165Flashing$340.00
QMSE-Lag A 12 PV E-Mount Lag Bolt Flashing - Single6963201Flashing
Quick Mount Universal Tile Mount QMUTM A Mill 12PK6963285$430.00
Quick Mount QMHS-6 6" Hanger Bolt (single)9963445$6.00
Low Height Side Mounted Quick Hook - Singles6963297Flashing
Quick Mount Low Height Side Mounted Quick Hook - QMHLS - 12 pack6963296$340.00
Quick Mount Quick Hook Standard Height Side Mounted - QMHSS - 12 pack6963288$340.00
Quick Mount Classic Conduit Mount QMCC A 12 pack6996103$190.00
Quick Mount Classic Shake Mount - Bronze Finish - QMLC B (12 pk.)6969258$440.00
Quick Mount Conduit Penetration Flashing- 12 pack - QMCPC6963294Flashing$155.00
Quick Mount PV Composition Flashing Single (Bronze) 12x126963365Flashing$26.75
QMCPC Conduit Penetration Flashing - Single6963299Flashing$15.00
Quick Mount Curved Tile Flashing Mill Alum 18"x18" w/HDWE - 1 pc.6963270Flashing$36.48
ModelPart No.TypePrice
Iron Ridge 2" SGA per 76" X 39" watt module6912155CALL
3" SGA Racking6912154KitCALL
ModelPart No.TypePrice
SLB-0114 - Side of Pole/Flat Mount9433241Side$108.75
SLBRKT-02 - Side of Pole/Flat Mount9433238Side$40.00
SLB-0112 - Side of Pole/Flat Mount9433239Side$28.92
SLB-0113 - Side of Pole/Flat Mount9433240Side$65.25
SLB-0111 - Side of Pole/Flat Mount9433237Side$15.00
SLBRKT-13 - Marine Mount Kit9433245Flashing$86.64
Solarland SLUB-0002 - U-bolt Kit for Pole Mounts9433341$3.12
Solarland SLBRKT-11 - Marine Mount Kit for 50-100w Modules9433244$108.75
Solarland SLB-0120 - Side of Pole/Flat Surface Mount Kit for 10-25w Modules9433340$18.13
RV Mount 50-8000-1006951050Flashing
Solarland SLBRKT-10 - Marine Mount Kit for 30w Modules9433243$52.57
Solarland SLB-0117 RV Corner Kit - White (set of 4)9433333$25.38
SLB-0103 - Universal Tilt Mount Bracket9433224Flashing
SLBRKT-08 - Marine Mount Kit9433242Flashing$47.13
SLBRKT-16 - Marine Stanchion Mount Kit9433246Flashing$143.55
ModelPart No.TypePrice
UPM 15X, 212 sq. ft.9110024Top$3,010.00
UPM 12X HD, 170 sq. ft.9110026Top$2,680.00
UPM 3X, 35 sq. ft. Universal Post Mount9110025Top$320.00
UPM 18X, 255 sq. ft.9110029Top$4,005.00
UPM 10X HD, 140.5 sq. ft.9110023Top$1,390.00
UPM 4X, 45.5 sq. ft.9110020Top$465.00
UPM 8X, 87 sq. ft.9110032Top$860.00
UPM 10X, 109.5 sq. ft.9110022Top$1,085.00
UPM 6X, 70 sq. ft.9110021Top$700.00
Hardware / Mount
S-Rails - 2 Module Ground Mount9120025Misc.
ModelPart No.TypePrice
Zomeworks FXL-168 Top of Pole Mount6161680Top$1,316.80
Hardware / Tracker
UTRK 040 Universal Tracker6904022Misc.$1,301.00
UTRF 120 Universal Tracker6901222Misc.$1,899.00
Zomeworks Custom Top of Pole Mount6911123Top$1,500.00
Hardware / Tracker
UTRF 168 Universal Tracker6916822Misc.
Zomeworks FX3-80 Top of Pole Mount6938012Top$278.00
Hardware / Tracker
UTR 020 Universal Tracker6944012Misc.
Zomeworks FXL-090 Top of Pole Mount6990022Top$966.00
ModelPart No.TypePrice
Custom Multi-Pole Mount MPM-G6994774MultiCALL
Top of Pole Mount6994768TopCALL