Cost of a Home Solar Power System
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How much will a solar electric system for my home cost?

"When we installed solar, the value of our home was increased by more than the cost of the system. We know that electricity prices will continue to climb, but not for us!" - Ellen, Wholesale Solar Employee-Owner. Wholesale Solar is 100% employee-owned!

Figuring out exactly how much your solar system will cost can take a little detective work. Electricity rates vary, and each state has different rebates that may affect the overall price of your system.

The average system costs a little over $10,000. The good news is that many banks offer low cost financing, which can make your loan payment less than what you were previously paying for electricity!

Wholesale Solar Basic System Cost Calculator

1. Which type of system are you looking for?
Off-Grid or Grid-Tied

2. How much electricity do you use each month?
Look at your electric bills from the past 6 months (or preferrably more) and find the average number of Kilowatt Hours (KwH) per month. Use this number in the space to the right.
Use the Actual Watt Hours per day calculated with the Load Evaluation Calculator
and multiply results by 30 (for monthly total) and divided by 1000 (to convert watt hours to KwHours).
3. What percentage of your house/business power do you want to generate with solar power? If you want to produce 100% of your electricity, put 100. For off-grid systems put 100
4. How many Peak Sun Hours do you get per day? Look at the Solar Map below to find this number.

Minimum System Size:

solar insolation map
How Many Sun Hours a Day Do You Get?

Zone 1      6 hours
Zone 2      5.5 hours
Zone 3      5 hours
Zone 4      4.5 hours
Zone 5      4.2 hours
Zone 6      3.5 hours

The hourly figure indicates the average (over the course of the year) amount of insolation (full sun hours) for these zones.  These figures are based on the yearly average; consequently, systems based on these figures will provide more power in summer and less in winter.  Winter figures for daily solar gain may be from 25% to 50% LESS than these average figures.


With Wholesale Solar’s current pricing (Jan. 2015), a medium sized gridtie system that generates about 815 kWh a month would cost about $10,500 BEFORE the 30% federal tax credit and rebates offered by your state or utility company. This particular system includes twenty four solar panels. The Federal tax credit would take the cost down to $7,350. This price does not include installation, which can be easily accomplished by a DIY-friendly homeowner or a trusted contractor. Take a look at tax incentives for your state.

NOTE: These figures are approximate and do not take into account the variable efficiency ratings of solar panels and off grid inverters. Please work with experienced Wholesale Solar staff to design a system which fits within your budget and can be expanded as needed.

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