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About Enphase


Enphase Energy delivers microinverter technology for the solar industry that increases energy production, simplifies design and installation, improves system uptime and reliability, reduces fire safety risk and provides a platform for intelligent energy management. Our semiconductor-based microinverter system converts energy at the individual solar module level and brings a systems-based, high technology approach to solar energy generation. Enphase Energy is committed to quality, reliability, and environmental responsibility, and is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2009 certified. Their commitment is expressed in every design they test, every component they select, every product they manufacture, and every system they monitor. The result is that their fourth-generation system reflects what they believe are the industry's most rigorous standards, only coming to market after one million hours of power-on testing.

Ease of Design and Installation
Solar electric systems using Enphase Micro-Inverters are simple to design and simple to install:

  • There are no string calculations necessary
  • Individual solar panels may be installed in any combination of module quantity, type, orientation and age.
  • Each micro-inverter quickly mounts on the solar panel racking, directly beneath each panel.
  • Low voltage DC wires connect from the solar panel directly to the co-located micro-inverter, eliminating the risk of the installer's exposure to lethal 600VDC power.

Enphase Supports a Great Online Monitoring System called Enphase Enlighten
By registering for Enphase Enlighten, a web-based monitoring and analytics system, you can monitor each solar panel in your array from anywhere you have internet access. The Enlighten website provides a wide range of information on your system and the individual solar panels. A graph of the solar array provides info on each module, including current and lifetime performance.

Enphase Micro-Inverters Maximize Power Output
With the Enphase Micro-Inverters, if one of your solar panels is shaded, or damaged, it does not affect the output of the rest of your solar array. All panels perform to their greatest capacity.

Each Solar Module has its own Enphase Inverter
An individual Maximum Peak Power Point Tracking Controller (MPPT) controls the output of each solar panel.  This insures that the most available power from each panel flows into your system, regardless of the performance of the rest of the panels in the array.

The Micro-Inverter concept insures that there is no single point of failure in your solar electric system.  Enphase Micro-Inverters are designed to operate at full power at temperatures as high as 65 degrees C (150 degrees F).


Enphase Inverters


The Enphase Micro-Inverter system is the world's most technologically advanced inverter system for use with grid-tie, or utility-connected, solar electric systems. Shading on one panel won't affect the output of any other panels, allowing you to get the most power from your system and the most bang for your buck. Expand your system easier and cheaper by simply adding another panel and another Enphase micro-inverter to the array!

ModelPart No.WattsInput
Subcategory: Commercial
Enphase C250 Commercial Inverter2978000250 W16 - 60 VDC220 - 248 VACMicroinverter$135.00
Subcategory: Grid Tie
Enphase M250 With MC4 Inverter2930488250 W48 VDC208/240 VACPure sine wave
Enphase M250 With Amphenol Inverter2930489250 W48 VDC208/240 VACPure sine wave
Enphase M215 With Tyco Inverter2930490215 W45 VDC208/240 VACPure sine wave
Enphase S280 With MC4 Inverter2930610360 W48 VDC208/240 VACMicroinverter$174.00
Enphase M215 With MC4 and Integrated Ground Inverter2977568215 W48 VDC208/240 VACPure sine wave

Enphase Inverter Accessories


Enphase offers a wide range of Inverter Accessories including the Envoy Communications Gateway, Installation Kits, Tools to replace parts on your inverter and many other great additions to your Enphase Inverter.

ModelPart No.Description.Price
Enphase Enphase ECAP, for M190/M2102900759Enphase End Cap, for M190/M210, ECAP$15.00
Enphase Line Communication Filter ELCF-120-0012912070Enphase Line Communication Filter, 208/240Vac ELCF-120-001 Communication Hub Included$890.00
Enphase Envoy GE i210 Revenue Grade Meter Add On2977109Enphase Envoy Revenue Grade Meter Add On - GE i210+
Enphase 208VAC Trunk Cable Bulk Pack, Portrait Layout ET10-208-BULK2977127Enphase M215 208VAC Trunk Cable Bulk Pack, Portrait Layout ET10-208-BULK$5,846.00
Subcategory: Cables
Enphase Enphase C250 277/480 VAC Trunk Cable Bulk Pack, 60/72 Cell Portrait Layout ET10-277-BULK2978030Enphase C250 277/480 VAC Trunk Cable Bulk Pack, 60/72 Cell Portrait Layout ET10-277-BULK$5,200.00
Enphase Enphase C250 277/480 VAC Trunk Cable Bulk Pack, 60 Cell Landscape Layout ET17-277-BULK2978040Enphase C250 277/480 VAC Trunk Cable Bulk Pack, 60 Cell Landscape Layout ET17-277-BULK$6,932.00
Enphase Enphase C250 277/480 VAC Trunk Cable Bulk Pack, 72 Cell Landscape Layout, ET21-277-192-12AWG2978050Enphase C250 277/480 VAC Trunk Cable Bulk Pack, 72 Cell Landscape Layout, ET21-277-192-12AWG$6,379.00
Subcategory: Grid Tie
Enphase Install Kit2900249Enphase M190 / M210 Install Kit; AC Branch Circuit
Enphase Branch Terminator ET-TERM2977065Enphase Branch Terminator for M215/M250 ET-TERM
Enphase Cable Disconnect Tool2977085Enphase Cable Disconnect Tool for M215/M250 ET-DISC
Enphase Water Tight Cap2977095Enphase Water Tight Cap for M215/M250 ET-SEAL
Enphase ZGB-01 - ZigBee Adapter for Envoy2977099Enphase Zigbee USB Stick RGM to Envoy - EN-RGM-ZGB-01
Enphase 240 VAC Trunk Cable, Landscape 67'' Layout Single connector2977166Enphase M215/M250/S230/S280 240 VAC Trunk Cable, Landscape 67'' Layout Single connector
Enphase Cable Clip, Single, ET-CLIP2977175Enphase Cable Clip, Single, M215/M250 ET-CLIP
Enphase M215 - EMBK-50-0012977265Enphase Junction Box Mounting Bracket for M215/M250 - EMBK-50-001
Enphase EPLC-01 - Power Line Carrier for Envoy9937525Enphase Envoy Power Line Carrier Ethernet Bridge - EPLC-01
Subcategory: Grid Tie Cables
Enphase Trunk Cable, Portrait Layout Single connector2977165Enphase M215/M250/S230/S280 Trunk Cable Single connector 240VAC, Portrait 40'' Layout Single connector
Enphase EEXC-01-129901127Enphase Extension Cable EEXC-01-12, Connectors Both Ends 12'$86.00
Subcategory: Hardware
Enphase M215/M250 Mounting Hardware kit for XRS1898685Enphase M215/M250 Mounting Hardware kit for Ironridge only
Subcategory: Monitoring
Enphase Envoy ENV-120 Communications Gateway2901019Enphase Envoy Communications Gateway ENV-120
Enphase WF-01 - Wi-Fi Adapter for Envoy2977070Enphase WF-01 WiFi Adapter for Envoy
Enphase Envoy ENV-C-250 Communications Gateway for C250 Commercial Inverter2978020Enphase Commercial Envoy-C Communications Gateway ENV-C250$667.00

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