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Surrette / Rolls

About Surrette / Rolls


One Mean Battery

Established in 1935 in Salem, Massachusetts, The Rolls Surrette Battery Company has been a trusted name in deep cycle batteries for well over 50 years. The company relocated to Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1959 where it is the nation's only remaining independent battery manufacturer. Their unparalleled quality and workmanship have earned the manufacturer a solid reputation in the battery industry, as one of the most reliable batteries on the market. These batteries are known for their high-cycle life, featuring the thickest plates in the industry, a large liquid reserve, and a durable double-wall construction. Rolls Surrette stands behind their batteries with some of the longest warranties in the industry, up to 10 years on certain models. The average life expectancy for these batteries is known to be in the 15 to 20 year range.

Environmentally-Conscious Engineering

Rolls Surrette batteries are known for their rugged, dual-container construction. Each cell is encapsulated in its own inner container made with a high grade, polypropylene shell and its own heat bonded cover. The cells are then further protected with a second, high-density, polyethylene outer container. These safety measures allow the battery to still be operable should the outer container break, eliminating the hazard of a toxic sulfuric acid spill.

Enveloped Positive Plates

Rolls Surrette cells feature double insulated positive plates. The first layer utilizes a thick woven glass mat, which then is sealed in a non-destructible micro porous polyethylene envelope. The protective envelope reduces the possibility of separator misalignment, cracked separators, or shorting at the bottom or sides. This also allows the sediment chamber to be eliminated, creating more space for liquid at the top of the battery, thus lengthening periods between watering.


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  • Non-Breakable dual container construction which prevents acid leakage
  • Thick lead plates with the highest density of active material which provides unsurpassed cycling service
  • Increased liquid reserve which means less maintenance
  • 3000+ cycles to 50% depth of discharge, 2000+ cycles to 80% depth of discharge
  • Rolls Surrette Manual
  • Rolls Surrette Warranty

Surrette / Rolls Batteries

ModelPart No.VoltageAmp HoursTypeWarrantyWeightPrice
Surrette / Rolls S530 Dry Battery9901152Varies$385.00
Subcategory: AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)
Surrette / Rolls S2-1180 AGM Battery99118052VDC1000AhAGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)5-Year Warranty142lbs
Surrette / Rolls S2-1275 AGM Battery99127552VDC1150AhAGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)5-Year Warranty
Surrette / Rolls S2-1895 AGM Battery99189552VDC1600AhAGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)5-Year Warranty233.25lbs
Surrette / Rolls S2-2375 AGM Battery99237552VDC2000AhAGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)5-Year Warranty287lbs
Surrette / Rolls S2-3560 AGM Battery99356052VDC3000AhAGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)5-Year Warranty430.3lbs
Surrette / Rolls S-275 AGM Battery99427556VDC250AhAGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)5-Year Warranty77lbs
Surrette / Rolls S2-590 AGM Battery99459052VDC500AhAGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)5-Year Warranty69.31lbs
Surrette / Rolls S6-460 AGM Battery99460556VDC415AhAGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)5-Year Warranty123lbs
Surrette / Rolls S2-945 AGM Battery99494552VDC800AhAGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)5-Year Warranty118lbs
Surrette / Rolls S12-95AGM Battery994945612VDC95AhAGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)5-Year Warranty
Surrette / Rolls S12-230 AGM Battery994945712VDC230AhAGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)5-Year Warranty133lbs
Surrette / Rolls S12-128 AGM Battery994946612VDC128AhAGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)5-Year Warranty
Subcategory: Dry
Surrette / Rolls S550 Dry Battery99101536VDC428AhDryVaries94lbs
Subcategory: Flooded Lead Acid
Surrette / Rolls 3-EKG-15P Series 4000 - 3 Post Flooded Battery9900014Flooded Lead AcidVaries$525.00
Surrette / Rolls 6CS-17PS Flooded Battery99000426VDC546AhFlooded Lead Acid10 -Year Warranty221lbs
Surrette / Rolls 6CS-21PS Flooded Battery99000526VDC683AhFlooded Lead Acid10 years271lbs
Surrette / Rolls 6CS-25PS Flooded Battery99000626VDC820AhFlooded Lead Acid10-Year Warranty318lbs
Surrette / Rolls 12-HHG-185P Flooded Battery9900075Flooded Lead AcidVaries$605.00
Surrette / Rolls 12-EHG-210P Flooded Battery9900076Flooded Lead AcidVaries$755.00
Surrette / Rolls 8CS-25PS Flooded Battery99000928VDC820AhFlooded Lead Acid10-Year Warranty424lbs
Surrette / Rolls 12CS-11PS Flooded Battery990012212VDC357AhFlooded Lead Acid10-Year Warranty272lbs
Surrette / Rolls 4KS-21PS Flooded Battery99001324VDC1104AhFlooded Lead Acid10 years267lbs
Surrette / Rolls 4KS-25PS Flooded Battery99001424VDC1350AhFlooded Lead Acid10-Year Warranty315lbs
Surrette / Rolls 4-KS-25P Battery99001434VDC1347AhFlooded Lead AcidVaries315lbs
Surrette / Rolls S-500EX Flooded Battery99001446VDC357AhFlooded Lead Acid131.5lbs
Surrette / Rolls S-530 Flooded Battery99001526VDC400AhFlooded Lead Acid7-Year Warranty123lbsCALL
Surrette / Rolls S550 Flooded Battery99001536VDC428AhFlooded Lead Acid7-Year Warranty130lbs
Surrette / Rolls 2KS-33PS Flooded Battery99001622VDC1766AhFlooded Lead Acid10 years208lbs
Surrette / Rolls 2-YS-31PS Flooded Battery99001822VDC2430AhFlooded Lead Acid10 years285lbs
Surrette / Rolls S1380 Flooded Battery9901380Flooded Lead AcidVaries$344.49
Surrette / Rolls S-1660 Flooded Battery99013822VDC1284AhFlooded Lead Acid7-Year Warranty127lbs
Surrette / Rolls 2v, 1,445ah S-1860 Battery99013832VDC1445AhFlooded Lead Acid131lbs
Surrette / Rolls 4CS-17PS Flooded Battery99101224VDC546AhFlooded Lead Acid10-Year Warranty128lbs
Surrette / Rolls S600 Flooded Battery9960055Flooded Lead AcidVaries$406.00

Surrette / Rolls Other

ModelPart No.DescriptionPrice
Surrette / Rolls9119335Rolls 4000 Electrolyte Monitoring Caps$10.00
Surrette / Rolls 8CH-33P9900100Rolls Surrette 8v, 890 AH 8-CH-33P Deep Cycle Battery$1,225.00

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