Solar Charge Controllers by Schneider Electric, Apollo Solar, OutBack Power, Blue Sky/Solar Boost, Morningstar.

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MIdnite Solar Charge Controller

MidNite Classic 150

outback charge controller

Outback FM 60

Schneider Electric(formerly Xantrex) Charge controllers Schneider Electric C Series

morningstar charge controller Tristar 45

Morningstar Prostar Charge controller Prostar 15M
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Blue Sky Energy

Midnite Solar
Pre-wired Midnite Charge Controllers


Wholesale Solar offers all types of charge controllers from OutBack Power, Schneider Electric(formerly Xantrex), Morningstar, Blue Sky Energy, and, now, Midnite Solar's revolutionary Classic MPPT charge controller.

The main function of a charge controller or regulator
is to protect your battery from overcharge and block a reverse current. If a non-self-regulating solar array is connected to lead acid batteries with no overcharge protection, the life of your batteries will be compromised.

Simple controllers contain a transistor that shunt the PV charging circuit, terminating the charge at a pre-set high voltage and, once a pre-set reconnect is reached, opens the shunt, allowing charging to resume.

More sophisticated controllers utilize pulse width modulation (PWM) or maximum power point tracking (MPPT) to assure the battery is being fully charged.The first 70% to 80% of battery capacity is easily replaced, but the last 20% to 30% requires more attention and therefore more complexity.

MidNite Solar Classic 150 Charge Controller

MidNite Solar Classic Charge Controllers
Midnite's Classic offers 150, 200 or 250 VDC--accommodating larger string sizes and higher voltage panels.

You can learn more about charge controllers in our Charge Controllers Information Center or by browsing through our Charge Controllers below.

Search Charge Controllers by Voltage:
Midnite Solar MPPT Controllers Made In America!  
Model Item Battery Bank Voltage Max Current Out
Per Controller
3900141 12/ 24/48VDC 96A@12V
94A@24 V
3920041 12/ 24/48VDC 79A@12V
3920051 12/24/48VDC 60A@12V
3900142 12/24/48VDC 96A@12V
94A@24 V
3900143 12/24/48VDC 79A@12V
3900144 12/ 24/48VDC 60A@12V
3930000 12/ 24/48VDC 30Amps
3930003 12/ 24/48VDC 30Amps

Pre-wired triple PV Center
Pre-wired PV Charge Controller Centers
Four Star Solar pre-wires multiple Midnite Solar change controllers into a single, compact, easy-to-use unit that can be easily used for large solar power systems. Check 'em out.

Model Item Battery Bank Voltage Max Current Out
Per Controller
4 Star Solar Classic 150 Double PV Center 1440982 12/24/48VDC 96A@12V
94A@24 V
4 Star Solar Classic 150 Triple PV Center 1440981 12/24/48VDC 96A@12V
94A@24 V
4 Star Solar Classic 200 Double PV Center 1440983 12/24/48VDC 79A@12V
4 Star Solar Classic 200 Triple PV Center 1440984 12/24/48VDC 79A@12V

Outback MPPT Controllers
Model Item Battery Bank Voltage Max Current Out
Per Controller
3610605 12/24/48VDC 80a
3552283 12/24/48VDC 60a
3510605 12/24/48VDC 80a
3500602 12/24/48VDC 60a Replaced by Flex Max 60

Schneider Electric(formerly Xantrex) charge controllerSchneider Electric(formerly Xantrex) Controllers
Model Item Battery Bank Voltage Max Current Out
Per Controller
PWM (Pulse Width Modification)
Schneider Electric(formerly Xantrex) C series controllers can operate as charge OR load controllers.
3480342 12 / 24VDC 35 / 35 a
3400402 12 / 24 / 48VDC 40 / 40 a
3400602 12 / 24VDC 60 / 60 a
3480332 12 VDC 12 a
MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
3430303 12/24/48VDC 60 a
3430302 12/24/48VDC 60 a
Schneider Electric MPPT 80-600 3440485 24 / 48VDC 80 a

morningstar charge controllerMorningstar Controllers
Model Item Battery Bank Voltage Max Current Out
Per Controller
MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
3611106 48 VDC 60a
3611095 12/24/48 VDC 45a
3611105 12/24/48 VDC 60a
3615155 12/24 VDC 15a
PWM (Pulse Width Modification)
3680302 12 / 24 / 48 45a
3680312 12 / 24 / 48 60a
3630011 12 / 24 VDC 30a
3615011 12 / 24 VDC 15a
3600041 12 VDC 4.5a
3612061 12VDC 6.5a
3680222 12 VDC 6.6a
3680152 12 VDC 10a
3610102 12 VDC 10a
3680192 12 VDC 20a
3680142 24 VDC 10a
3620242 24 VDC 20a
3680162 12VDC 10a
3624013 24VDC 10a
3680292 12VDC 20a
3660016 12 VDC 6a
3660026 12VDC 12a
3680422 12VDC 25a

blue sky charge controllerBlue Sky MPPT Controllers
Model Item Battery Bank Voltage Max Current Out
Per Controller
3880012 12 VDC 25a
3951212 12 VDC 25a
3918815 24 / 48 VDC 30a
3988082 Monitors up to eight IPN charge controllers on a single IPN network.

For a list of archived charge controllers no longer stocked by Wholesale Solar Click Here

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