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How much does solar cost?

Cost of solar for average US homes:

About $10,000

Our best-selling systems cost about $10,000, and most of our customers self-install them. See explanation


A solar system connected to the local electricity utility is more affordable. The grid provides power at night and on cloudy days. In some locations, you can sell excess power back to the grid. Learn more


Ground mounting usually costs a little more, but it's an option for people who have more yard space than roof space. Ground mounts can also make sense for roofs that are too shaded. Learn more.


Installation could easily double the price. Believe it or not, the overwhelming majority of our customers self-install their systems! Some of them hire contractors for the hardest parts while others do everything themselves. It's entirely doable. Learn more.

Purchased or financed, not leased

Leasing solar rarely makes good financial sense for homeowners. While big-name solar leasing companies promise to lower your electric bill, buying your own system will do all that and more, giving you a return year after year long after the system's paid off. Learn more.

But every home is different. Let's figure out your costs.

Solar Cost Calculator

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Invalid Zip Code. Please note we can only show default values for areas within the United States. If you know your electricity rate, monthly usage and Insolation enter those values into the fields below to size a system specific to your needs. If you don't know your daily solar insolation value, use this image to find it. World Sun Hours Map
Unable to find {{nrelResponse.error}}. Please fill in your {{nrelResponse.error}} below, which can be found on your electrical bill. which can be found on this map. World Sun Hours Map

This is based on the US national average for household electricity use. You may enter your own from your power bill.

Percentage of your total monthly electrical usage you wish power with solar.


We found {{filteredSystems.length}} systems of this type that might fit your monthly usage.
Average price: {{(sum(filteredSystems, 'price') / filteredSystems.length * 0.7| currency)}} after Federal Tax Credit

Name Type Size Price Payback Time after FTC
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