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Call 1-800-472-1142 M-F 8 to 5 PST,
email sales@wholesalesolar.com, or Request a Quote

To find out if wind power is right for your location, call a local weather station or airport to find out what your average wind speed is. If you have at least a 12 mph wind speed then give us a call to size a turbine that is right for your application!

Product Comparison
  • AIR 30 and AIR X Marine are identical performance-wise, but AIR X is marinized for salt-water environments.
  • AIR 30 and AIR X are both designed for higher wind speeds.
  • AIR 40 and AIR Breeze operate significantly quieter than AIR 30 and AIR X Marine.
  • AIR 40 and AIR Breeze are identical performance-wise, but AIR Breeze is marinized for salt-water environments.
  • AIR 40 and AIR Breeze are designed for low to moderate wind speeds.
If You’re Reading this Tale of Independent Living You May Be in My Tribe Wind Systems

By Ellen Coleman—As an American of non-specific cultural identity, I look with envy at families with strong cultural tradition.  Who are “my people”?, I wonder.  What family traditions will my children (now grown) want to pass on to their own children?  Their exposure has been such a mixed bag of “ritual”—making tamales for Thanksgiving, potstickers for family reunions, fried eggplant for Fourth of July.  What will be their choice of comfort music?  What kinds of homes will they make, what spiritual paths will they take?

Then I pick up a Home Power Magazine, or a Backwoods Home, or a Mother Earth News.  I read the letters to the editor and I think, These are my people!  This is my tribe—the tribe of folks striving for independence of thought and lifestyle, who are creative in their choice of building materials, who try to make responsible choices about how their choices affect the environment they live in.  Read more...

Primus Windpower Wind Turbine
ModelPart No.Volts(DC)WattsStart-up Wind Speed(mph)KWH per month
1-ARBM-15-12 Marine Wind Turbine 492987512200740
1-ARBM-15-24 Marine Wind Turbine492289524200740
1-ARBM-15-48 Marine Wind Turbine492289648200740
1-ARXM-15-12 Marine Wind Turbine493030212400830
1-ARXM-15-24 Marine Wind Turbine493031224400830
1-ARXM-15-48 Marine Wind Turbine491303248400830
27' Air-X Tower KIt4900272
45' Air-X Tower Kit 4935092
Grid Tie
1-AIR30-10-48 Wind Turbine494848248400830
1-AR30-10-12 Wind Turbine494012212400830
1-AR30-10-24 Wind Turbine494024224400830
1-AR40-10-12 Wind Turbine491303412200740
1-AR40-10-24 Wind Turbine491303524200740
1-AR40-10-48 Wind Turbine491303348200740
Air X Analog Ampmeter (30 amp)8935162
EZ-Tower from Southwest Windpower4900292
Primus 9' AIR X Marine Aluminum Mast 4935172
Stop Switch For AIR X4935042