Battery boxes help to increase organization, safety and aesthetic appearance of the batteries in your home power system.

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Battery Boxes

Gone are the days of rickety homemade plywood battery boxes. We're pleased to carry battery boxes of every shape and size from MidNite Solar.

Check out our deep cycle batteries for these battery boxes.

Midnite Solar Inc.

Brand: MidNite Solar

Midnite Solar battery box
MidNite Solar's Modular Battery Box
, shown to the right (Model MNBE-D), is designed for applications where a small battery bank is required. This enclosure is listed for indoor use. It can hold two Group 31 deep cycle batteries per shelf, end to end, or three batteries, side by side, or one 8D per shelf. Group 31 batteries are typically 105 amp hours at 12 volts. This stackable box is easy to assemble and comes with instructions.

Its powder coated steel construction comes with a lockable door. You could combine it with an E-panel and inverter to form a great little backup system.

Model Part Number Size Price
MidNite Solar MNBE-C Battery Enclosure w/ locking door 9922229 Exterior Dimensions:
36.5" wide x 16" deep x 55" tall
MidNite Solar GREY MNBE-D Battery Enclosure w/ locking door (shown above) 9922329 Exterior Dimensions:
41.1" tall X 33.6" wide X 15.25" deep
Interior dimensions:
31-7/8" X 12-3/4" shelf dimensions
13-1/8" max height
Color: GREY
Two shelves
Holds 8 golf cart or 8 group 31 batteries.
MidNite Solar MNBE-D, Extra Shelf
MidNite Solar MNBE-D3R - (Indoor use only)
Exterior Dimensions:
41.5" tall X 34" wide X 15.5" deep
MidNite Solar Modular MNBE-A
Indoor: 27" high x 29" wide x 14.5 deep
shipping size: 30" x 32" x 7.5"
MidNite Solar MNBE-B 250, Inverter / Battery Enclosure
MidNite Solar MNBE-B Battery Enclosure w/ locking door
33.6” wide x 15.25” deep x 34.2” tall
MidNite Solar MNBE-E Battery Enclosure w/ locking door
33.6” wide x 14.75” deep x 47.14” tall
MidNite MNBE-C-250, Inverter / Battery Enclosure
MidNite Solar MNBE-E Battery Enclosure w/ locking door
33.6” wide x 14.75” deep x 47.14” tall


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