Square-D 240V and 600V NEMA 3R Safety Switch Disconnect.

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Square DSquare-D 240V and 600V NEMA 3R Safety Switch Disconnect

Part # Amp Model Price:
8937203 60 DU222RB
8932503 30 DU221RB

Many utilities require an AC disconnect between a grid-tie inverter and the AC load center, close to the AC service entrance, with a visible and lockable handle. A 30-amp 240-volt disconnect is good for up to 5kW at 240VAC and the 60-amp disconnect is good for up to 11kW.

For connection of multiple inverters to one of these disconnects, use an AC load center, with a circuit breaker for each inverter installed, as an AC combiner box between the inverters and the disconnect switch. The breakers can be back-fed with the inverter outputs and the load center main lugs will handle the combined outputs to be connected to the AC disconnect.

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Square-D 240V and 600V NEMA  3R Safety Switch Disconnect
Model Item Size Weight
Square-D 240V and 600V NEMA 3R Safety Switch Disconnect

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Features and General Information

  • UL Listed to handle 12A a 600 VDC per pole
  • Breakers can be back-fed with the inverter outputs
  • Disconnect switch to also act as a string combiner
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