The M215 Microinverters 208/240 VAC for MC4 and Tyco.

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Enphase energy inverters
Model: M215
Brand: Enphase Energy
Product Type: Inverters
Items: Connector Type: Price:
2930490 Tyco
2930480 MC4 CALL

Video: FYI - Grid-Tie Inverter System Options

Enphase Energy has just released their revolutionary, third generation micro-inverter, the M215. Its fully digital architecture incorporates the latest innovations in custom microchip and advanced circuit design to deliver 96 percent CEC efficiency. Enphase Energy sets itself apart from any other inverter on the market with the M215’s exceptional low voltage performance. The unit maintains its high level of efficiency even as panel input voltage drops below 20 percent, greatly improving low light performance. Its direct current input peak power ranges from 22 to 36 volts, yet the unit has been tested to perform well at input voltages as low as 16 volts and up to a maximum of 45 volts. Enphase Energy designed the Microinverter M215 to only be compatible with 60-cell modules as most of the panels on the market fall in this category. The highly efficient micro-inverter is available in single phase (240V), and three phase (208V) configurations. The unit is extremely lightweight and easy to install featuring its patented trunk drop cabling system.


Enphase Energy has been a trusted name in the solar energy industry, having played a major role in pioneering micro-inverter technology. The concept of micro-inverters has greatly improved overall system reliability by eliminating the single failure point in central inverter systems. The company proudly stands behind the M215 with a solid 25-year limited warranty.

State-of-the-art Monitoring
Enphase Energy has set the industry standard when it comes to monitoring with Enlighten’s seamless design architecture. Utilizing the Envoy communications gateway (see pricing below), Enphase Energy’s Enlighten™ monitoring service uses advanced powerline communications technology to stay in touch with each micro-inverter without additional wiring or wireless equipment. System owners can easily monitor their array’s performance data via the wall mounted Envoy display, or from any smart-phone with an Internet connection.

Enphase Energy is proud to offer its Enlighten monitoring service as a standard offering for the lifetime of your solar system at no extra charge. The company is constantly updating and revising its software to meet the needs of customers and ever changing market demands.

Enphase's 25-year warranty is only transferable to a different owner as long as the Microinverter remains installed at the originally installed end user location. Because of this, Wholesale Solar cannot accept any returns on M215 inverters  or Enlighten Monitoring Units once they have been registered with Enphase. You can read Enphase M215 Microinverter Warranty here.

M215 Enphase Energy Microinverter
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Product Specs Product Specs Product Specs
Product Specs Warranty
Model Connector Volts Shipping Weight (lbs.) Item
Enphase M215 - Micro Inverter
Tyco 208/240 3.5 2930490
Enphase M215 - Micro Inverter
MC4 208/240 3.5 2930480

Accessories Item Price
Enphase Install Kit, for M215 ET-INSTL 2977115 $89.00
Enphase Branch Terminator for M215 ET-TERM 2977065
Enphase M215/M250 Trunk Cable Single connector 240VAC, Portrait 40" Layout Single connector 2977165
Enphase M215/M250 Trunk Cable Single connector 240VAC, Landscape 67" Layout Single connector 2977166
Enphase ENV-120 Envoy System Monitor 2901019
MidNite Envoy Combiner Box, MNACENPR-3P20, Envoy ENV-120 Included 8920041
Enphase Power Line Carrier - EPLC-01 9937525
Enphase M215/M250 Junction Box Mounting Bracket 2977265
IronRidge Mounting Hardware Kit (Mounts 2 Inverters) 7800033 CALL

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M215 Microinverter General Features
  • 25 year limited warranty
  • Integrates with Enphase Engage Cable
  • CSA listed per UL 1741/IEE1547
  • Works with 60-cell modules ONLY

M215 Microinverter Metrics
  • 96% CEC efficiency
  • Output power: 215W
  • Recommended max input power: 260W
  • MPPT Range: 22-36V
  • Low-voltage Operation Capability

M215 Enphase Energy
Input Data (DC)
Recommended maximum input power (STC) 260W
Maximum input DC voltage 45V
Peak power tracking range 22V – 36V
Operating range 16V – 36V
Min./Max. start voltage 26.4V/45V
Max. DC short circuit current 15A
Max. input current 10.5A
Output Data (AC)
@208 Vac @240 Vac
Maximum output power 215W 215W
Nominal output current 1.0 A* 0.9 A*
Nominal voltage/range 208V/183V-229V 240V/211V-264V

Extended voltage/range

208V/179V-232V 240V/206V-269V
Nominal frequency/range 60.0/59.3-60.5 60.0/59.3-60.5
Extended frequency/range 60.0/59.2-60.6 60.0/59.2-60.6
Power factor >0.95 >0.95
Maximum units per 20A branch circuit 25 (three phase) 17 (single phase)
Maximum output fault current 1.05 Arms, over 3 cycles; 25.2 Apeak, 1.74ms duration
*Arms at nominal voltage
CEC weighted efficiency 96.0%
Peak inverter efficiency 96.3%
Static MPPT efficiency (weighted, reference EN 50530) 99.8%
Dynamic MPPT efficiency (fast irradiation changes, reference EN 50530) 99.9%
Night time power consumption 46mW
Mechanical Data
Ambient temperature range -40ºC to +65ºC
Operating temperature range (internal) -40ºC to +85ºC
Dimensions (WxHxD) 17.3 cm x 16.4 cm x 2.5 cm (6.8” x 6.45” x 1.0”)*
Weight 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs)
Cooling Natural convection – no fans
Enclosure environmental rating Outdoor – NEMA 6
*without mounting bracket
Compatibility Pairs with most 60-cell PV modules
Communication Power line
Warranty 25-year limited warranty
Compliance UL1741/IEEE1547, FCC Part 15 Class BCAN/CSA-C22.2 NO. 0-M91, 0.4-04, and 107.1-01

M215 Microinverter Introduction

M215 Installation Video

M215 Installation Video

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