Magnum Auto Gen Start or AGS is for use with RV, marine and standby generators.

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Magnum Energy
Model: Magnum Energy Auto Gen Start
Item: Model: Price:
2921442 AGS-S Stand Alone
2911442 AGS-N Network

Made in the USAEnjoy the ease of automation
The Magnum Auto Gen Start will allow you to keep your coach cool and comfortable while you're off and away. Off-grid homeowners love it because it will keep the battery bank charged when you are not home to read the meter. You can sleep soundly knowing that the Auto Gen Start will recognize that your refrigerator has drained your batteries and it's time for your generator to supply a much needed charge.

Adjust the AGS to meet your needs
You can set the battery start voltage from 10-12 VDC or 20-22 VDC, and the start temperature from 65° - 85°F. You can then set the run time from one to five hours, and the quiet time with a clock that is easy to set (quiet time only available with AGS-N model). The Auto Gen Start settings do not prevent manual start / stop operation of the generator. You can use any existing start / stop switch in your coach.

The Magnum AGS is compatible with most generators, including Onan, Powertech, Generac, and Westerbeke. Go to this page to find the wiring diagram for you particular generator. You'll also want to reference these informative documents, when it comes time to implementing your AGS-S or AGS-N. The AGS-S works as a stand alone model, while the AGS-N Network version works in combination with the ME-ARC or ME-RC 50 remote control monitoring devices.


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AGS-N Start
Auto Generator Starter - Stand Alone
AGS- Start Network
Auto Generator Starter - Network

Product Manual Product Specifications
Model Description Item Price
AGS-N Start - Network
Magnum Energy ME AGS-N Generator Start Module - Network 2911442
AGS-S Stand Alone
Magnum Energy ME AGS-S Generator Start Module, Stand Alone 2921442

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Features and General Information

  • Selectable cabin temperature for generator start from from 65-85 °F
  • Selectable battery voltage for gen start 10-12 VDC or 20-22 VDC
  • Selectable generator run time 1-5 hours
  • Adjustable 24-hour clock
  • AGS-N Model Only—Selectable quiet time with 5 choices: 9pm - 7am, 9pm - 8am, 9pm - 9am, 10pm - 8am, 11pm - 8am

AGS Wiring Diagram for Stand Alone Systems (ME-AGS-S)

AGS Stand Alone

AGS Wiring Diagram for Networked Systems (ME-AGS)
AGS Networked Diagram

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