The Xantrex XW6048 Grid Tie Solar inverter from Xantrex/Trace offers 6000 watts of pure sinewave power and an excellent price.

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Call 1-800-472-1142 M-F 8 to 5 PST,
email sales@wholesalesolar.com, or Request a Quote
Schneider Electricxantrex inverters
Model: XW6048
Item: Price:
2430012 CALL

The XW6048 GridTie/Offgrid Solar Inverter Xantrex brings the next generation of inverter/charger to market, with the XW Hybrid Inverter/ Charger, the heart of the XW System. The XW Hybrid Inverter/Charger (XW) is a true sine wave, 120/240-volt AC, split-phase, inverter/charger that incorporates a DC to AC inverter, a battery charger, and an AC auto-transfer switch.

It is the foundation for battery- based residential and commercial applications up to 18 kilowatts (kW). Capable of being grid-interactive or grid independent, the XW can operate with generators and renewable energy sources to provide full-time or backup power.

Designed with consultation and input from industry experts, dealers, and installers, the XW sets a new standard for battery-based inverter/chargers.

Integrating the best features available in the market, innovative new features by Xantrex and balance-of-systems components, the XW Hybrid Inverter/Charger’s design makes installation quicker and easier. The XW offers high efficiency and unprecedented surge capacity to maximize the owner’s return on investment. No other inverter/charger looks or performs like the XW.

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xantrex XW6048 inverter
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Xantrex XW6048 Product Manual Xantrex XW6048 Data Sheet
Product Manual Data Sheet
Model Volts Watts Shipping Weight (lbs.) Item
XW6048 120/240 6000 132(Required to ship by truck) 2430012

Export Model
Model Volts Watts Description Shipping Weight (lbs.) Item Price
XW6048-230-50/XW6048E 120/230 6000
Xantrex XW6048-230-50 European Inverter/Charger
132(Required to ship by truck) 2430041 CALL

Xantrex XW Series Purchasing Guide

Inverter Accessories
Item Price
2430082 CALL
2430222 CALL
2430202 CALL
2430212 CALL
8460115 $36.00
2430092 CALL

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“The XW’s can take input from solar panels AND a gas generator.

These are battery-based grid tie or off-grid inverters.  THE most versatile inverter on the market.  120/240 input/output.”