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NB Solar

Model: NB Solar 180 Silver Mono TDB125X125-72-P

Item: Price:
20 panel minimum purchase

The NB Solar’s NB-P180 180-watt mono crystalline solar panel offers high-quality and high-efficiency. A nominal 24-volt solar panel, it is versatile because it is compatible with older model charge controllers, as well as the newer OutBack FlexMax60 or FlexMax80 charge controllers. The NB P180 can be used in a wide variety of applications under the most demanding conditions.

Their performance in anti-shocking tests ensures that they will withstand harsh weather conditions, including hail and quick temperatures changes. It is resistant to corrosion caused by rain, water and gas.It uses a textured cell surface and tempered glass to reduce reflection of sunlight. An anti-reflective coating provides a uniform blue color and increases the absorption of light in all weather conditions.

The NB Solar’s NB1-P180 has a 25-year limited warranty and is UL and CEC compliant.  

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NB Solar

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NB Solar 180-watt Solar Panel product specs
Product Specifications

Model Watts Amps Volts Sizes (Inches) Weight (Lbs) Item
NB Solar 180 Silver Mono TDB125X125-72-P
180 4.98 36.2 31.81 x 62.2 x 1.81 25.27 1918090

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Materials and Construction of NB Solar NB1-P180
Limited Warranties:
  • 5-years product warranty
  • 10-years performance warranty to 90% power output
  • 25-years performance warranty to 80% power output
Max Power Pm (W)
Max Power Voltage Vm (V)
Max Power Current Im (A)
Open Circuit Voltage Voc (V)
Short Circuit Current Isc (A)
Module Efficiency
Power Tolerance

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