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We sell wind turbines, wind power generators, accessories (controllers, poles, mounts, etc.). Complete home wind power systems such as the Skystream 3.7.

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What is your Wind Speed?

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Wind Generators and Generator Accessories

To find out if wind power is right for your location, call a local weather station or airport to find out what your average wind speed is. If you have at least a 12 mph wind speed then give us a call to size a turbine that is right for your application!
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Wind generators by air-x APRS World Wind Data Loggers
Item Price

wind generators by Air BreezeAIR Breeze Wind Generators for Marine
Model Volts Watts Start-up Wind Speed (mph) KWH per month @ 12mph Item Price
12VDC 160 7 38 4929875
24VDC 160 7 38 4922895
48VDC 160 7 38 4922896
Air 30 LogoAIR 30 Wind Generators for Land
Model Volts Watts Start-up Wind Speed (mph) KWH per month
@ 13.4 mph
Item Price
12VDC 400 8 30 4940122
24VDC 400 8 30 4940242
48VDC 400 8 30 4948482

AIR 40AIR 40 Wind Generators for Land
Model Volts Watts Start-up Wind Speed (mph) KWH per month
@ 13.4 mph
Item Price
12VDC 160 7 40 - -
24VDC 160 7 40 - -
48VDC 160 7 40 4913033

Wind generators by Southwest Whisper Wind Generators
Model Volts Watts Start-up Wind Speed (mph) KWH per month @ 12mph Item Price
12,24,36, 48 VDC 900 7.5 100 4900402 CALL
12,24, 36 48 VDC 1000 7.5 158 4920442 CALL
24V 3000 7.5 538 4911445 CALL
48VDC 3000 7.5 538 4920402 CALL

Cabin with wind generator

Is Wind Power a Realistic Source of Energy for the United States?

Yes!  Scientific American reports that in 19 percent of the most barren desert land in our Southwest states we have enough wind power to provide all the electrical needs of our country. Wecansolveit.org claims that in North Dakota alone, we have enough wind power to satisfy 500% of our entire country’s electricity needs!

These are staggering numbers, and they explain why we’re seeing bigger and better wind generators and wind generator projects. 

Several Texas transmission companies are forming a consortium to build new power lines to carry electricity produced by wind generator farms.  The new lines, called a “renewable energy superhighway”, will carry about 18,500 megawatts of wind generation by 2012.  This is enough energy to power 4 million homes.  This is the largest investment in clean, renewable energy in the history of the United States. Texas leads the nation in wind generation at about 5,500 MW. 

The movement to take advantage of free wind power has benefited from the support of T. Boone Pickens, the billionaire oilman who plans to build the world’s largest wind generator farm on 300,000 acres of Texas Panhandle land.  When completed the wind generators will produce enough electricity to power 13 million homes.

China, not surprisingly, is set to surpass our efforts to harness wind energy.  Wealthy Chinese businessmen are increasing their investments into renewable power.  Overall, China has increased production of electricity by wind generators by 100% since 2005 and has set a goal to produce 10 - 20 gigawatts by 2010.

Should you sit back and wait for utility companies to harness wind power?

An increasing number of homeowners, farmers and ranchers are installing their own wind generators to use free wind power to eliminate their electric bills.  We at Wholesale Solar agree that now is the time to add your own wind generator.

Do a little homework first.  Check the wind maps to see if your area has enough wind to produce what you need. Talk with the knowledgeable sales people at Wholesale Solar about which wind generator(s) would be appropriate. 1 (800) 472-1142.

If you are already plugged in to utility grid for electricity, consider installing a grid tie wind generator which will feed excess electricity back into the grid.  The Skystream wind generator works very simply, with no batteries, to produce electricity even in with very low winds.  When the wind is blowing, this grid tie wind generator powers your home; when it’s not blowing, your home is powered by our utility as usual.  During strong winds, it may produce enough energy to spin your electricity meter backwards, giving you credit for use later.

If You’re Reading this Tale of Independent Living You May Be in My Tribe……Ellen Coleman

As an American of non-specific cultural identity, I look with envy at families with strong cultural tradition.  Who are “my people”?, I wonder.  What family traditions will my children (now grown) want to pass on to their own children?  Their exposure has been such a mixed bag of “ritual”—making tamales for Thanksgiving, potstickers for family reunions, fried eggplant for Fourth of July.  What will be their choice of comfort music?  What kinds of homes will they make, what spiritual paths will they take?

Then I pick up a Home Power Magazine, or a Backwoods Home, or a Mother Earth News.  I read the letters to the editor and I think, These are my people!  This is my tribe—the tribe of folks striving for independence of thought and lifestyle, who are creative in their choice of building materials, who try to make responsible choices about how their choices affect the environment they live in.

I wouldn’t consider myself a creative type.  Never painted a picture, never felt confident in color or fabric choices.  But I did get a real creativity boost living off-grid in northern New Mexico, raising children on one income in a home with caught water, gardening at 7600 feet in a climate that gets REALLY cold.  We built a house from recycled materials and earth.  (Google earthships.) 

Eight solar panels and one measly little wind generator supplied all the power we used.   We bolted the pole that supported the wind generator to a wall of our house, which, sound-wise, turned the roof of the house into one big drumhead.  What were we thinking of?!  Brrrrrdrrrddrrrrddrrrrrrrr.  And when the wind REALLY blew—which was often—the thing broke.    The manufacturer replaced the main unit several times before we gave up on wind power.

We’ve learned a lot since then, and so have the manufacturers of wind generators.  When we started selling solar we cautiously began selling wind generators as well.  We’ve watched the slow progression towards stability and lower start-up wind speed.   It’s rare that we hear of problems with them. We’re most excited to see the progression towards grid-tie wind turbines and look forward to putting one up in the near future.

Meanwhile, we enjoy life grid intertied here in northern California. Our daughters and their families are nearby using their independent living skills to make their own homes.  One daughter has designed and sold 300 off-grid or gridtie solar electric systems since the first of the year.  The other is baking bread today and figuring out what to do with the multitude of tomatillos, squash and eggplant that are spilling out of our garden.  I’m so proud of my tribe!

Considering the cost of wind power and renewable energies.

Wind power is most likely one of the alternative energies that’s going to lead us out of the oil age. With the rising prices of just about every thing, energy sources are at the root of this economical changing landscape and the decisions we make now will determine our personal situation as well as the earths.

One of the ideas to keep in mind when investing in alternative energy system is the rising price of electricity. With this in mind the prices of green technologies of today become far more reasonable.

Investing in renewable energy sources such as a wind generator is a realistic choice to investing money, time and your future. Even still this is not only about investing in your economical future, earth or our children’s future. This is about an investment in the evolution of humanity.

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 includes a new federal-level investment tax credit to help consumers purchase small wind turbines for home, farm, or business use. Owners of small wind systems with 100 kilowatts (kW) of capacity and less can receive a credit for 30% of the total installed cost of the system. And this is uncapped for systems smaller than 100kW.

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