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Basic Information:
System Grounding - It's the most asked question we get. Read all about it.
  Grounding and Lightning Protection
Energy Primer - What you can do today to help reduce your electricity and gas bill even if you live on-grid.
Battery Information:
  How do I keep my batteries alive for years?
Maintaining Batteries - Useful information on how to keep your batteries in top condition from Trojan Battery.
  Battery General Info - General Information on Batteries
  Battery Sizing Worksheet
Rolls solar battery user manual
  Battery Backup vs. Gas Generators
Charge Controller Information:
  Which controller is right for me?
  What are charge controllers?
  How do MPPT controllers work?
Charge Controllers - What do they do, how do I choose one?
  MidNite Solar Classic String Sizing Tool
  MidNite Solar KID String Sizing Tool
  Morningstar String Calculator
  Dipswitch Settings — MidNite Solar Classic Lite Charge Controller (Video)
  Dipswitch Settings — Morningstar TriStar Charge Controller (Video)
Disconnect Information:
  Which Midnite Solar Disconnect goes with what inverter?
  Which Magnum Energy Disconnect goes with what inverter?
Inverter Information:
  Which inverter do I need?
Inverters/Chargers - What else do I need? How do they work?
  What IS a sine wave?
Sinewave vs. Modified Sinewave - What's the difference?
  What size inverter do I need for my well pump?
  What is anti-islanding?
  Inverter Repair?
  Blue Oak Sizing Tool
  PV Module “Right-Sizing” for Ephase Energy Microinverters
  SMA Sunny Design Web
  Setting AC Input Amps and Charge Rate Using Magnum Energy ME-RC 50 & ME-ARC Remotes (Video)
  How to Program Magnum Energy Battery Monitor Kit (ME-BMK ) (Video)
Electricity Basics:
Electricity Basics - Just one page with some simple terms you need to understand when talking about electricity
  Sinewave vs. Modified Sinewave - What's the difference?
System Grounding - It's the most asked question we get. Read all about it.
  Grounding and Lightning Protection
  What is the difference between an AC and a DC watt?
  What is the difference between a watt, a kilowatt and a kilowatt hour (kWh)?
Energy Management/Lowering Costs:
  How Can I Lower My Electricity Consumption?
  53 No-Cost and Low-Cost Ways to Conserve Energy.
  Power Consumption Table
  Passive Solar
Mount Information:
  What do I need to know about solar panel mounts and trackers?
  Complete Installation Mounting Guide
  IronRidge Roof Mount Configurator - Support
  IronRidge Pole Mount Configurator - Support
  IronRidge Ground Configurator - Support
  IronRidge Ballasted Roof Mount Configurator - Support
Cost, Rebates and Incentives:
  Cost & Incentives - What you should know.
  Financing Solar - Best Options.
All State Rebates and Incentives
  Leasing Options - Pro's and Con's.
  Return on Solar Investment
  Off-grid Solar Cost Guide
  Grid-tie Solar Cost Guide
  California Energy Commission Rebate Instructions
RV Information:
  Which Inverters and Solar Panels are best for RV and Marine Solar Powered Systems?
Solar Power Systems Information:
  Grid-tie Solar System Sizing Calculator
  Off-grid Solar System Sizing Calculator
Solar System Sizing Worksheet - Based on your existing use of electricity, figure out how many panels your grid-intertied system will need to produce.
Load Evaluation Worksheet - If you are building an off-grid home, this will help you estimate how much electricity you will need.
Connecting to the Grid - A complete guide to issues involved in a grid connected solar system.
  Power Consumption Table - Want to know how much power something uses? Many common items are covered here.
  What is the difference between an AC and a DC watt?
  What is the difference between a watt, a kilowatt and a kilowatt hour (kWh)?
Branch Circuit Wiring - If you are planning to connect a solar system to an existing home you MUST read this first. If you have questions be sure to call or email sales@wholesalesolar.com.
Guide to Photovoltaic (PV) System Design and Installation - California Energy Commission
  Back Up Power Systems - See what you can do to be sure that your lights will stay on.
  What kind of grounding and lightning protection do I need?
System Grounding - It's the most asked question we get. Read all about it.
  DIY Solar - Do it yourself solar
  Convert your Grid-tie Solar Power System to Off-grid with AC Coupling
Solar Panel Information:
  What are the different types of solar panels?
Solar System Sizing Worksheet - Learn the basics of electricity and figure out how to size your system to meet all your needs.
  Solar Panels Efficiency - How do they work, will they work when shaded, how do I set them up?
  Solar Power Map - Click here to see the amount of usable solar power throughout different parts of the United States
  Solar cost - Find out the true cost of solar... is going solar worth it?
  AC solar panels
  PV Power is a Positive Net Energy Producer
Wind Power Systems Information:
  Wind Energy Systems Information - All the Basic Information about Wind Energy Systems
  Wind Speed Maps - Do you have enough average wind in your area to consider a Wind Generated Power System?-here is the answer.
Wiring Information:
  What size wire do I need?

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