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Four Star Solar Outback Radian 4048A 4,000 watt w/ Classic 250 Power Center

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Product Information

Model Part # Output Watts Battery Bank
Four Star Solar Outback Radian 4048A 4,000 watt w/ Classic 250 Power Center14403344000W48VDC1x MidNite Solar Classic 250 MPPT Charge Controller


Uninterrupted power
This pre-wired, tested Radian Inverter System is unique to the renewable energy market because it combines both off-grid and grid-tie capabilities into one piece of equipment. As with all grid-tied system, it will allow you to sell excess power that your solar panels generate back to the utility company, but you’ll also have the added security of a back up system, if you choose.

Grid-Zero technology
The GS4084A inverters from OutBack stand above older models by incorporating Grid-Zero technology, which allows users to decide when to use power from the batteries and when to buy power from the grid. By using battery power during more expensive times of the day users can save even more money. Not applicable in all areas.

The 4,000-watt Radian Inverter Center:

  • Protects you from utility power outages.
  • Gives you a return on your investment with its grid-tied net-metering capabilities (in areas where grid-tied power and net metering programs are available).
  • Is expandable. Up to 10 Radian Inverters can be connected in parallel for up to 40,000 watts of power.
  • Gives you the choice of starting out with an “off-grid” system with the option of utilizing its grid-tied capabilities, if a utility company becomes accessible, or vice versa.
  • Is simple, easy and safe to install.
  • Allows you to choose when to buy and when to sell back to the grid to maximize your investment

Call us at (1-800-472-1142) to find out if this solar power system is right for you. Wholesale Solar will custom design any system to match your particular application.


This power center now comes with a full 5-Year Warranty on parts and labor.

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Features & Attributes

  • Weight: 183 lbs
  • Midnite Classic 150 charge controller
  • Simple, safe installation
  • Clearly labeled connection points for AC and DC input and output.
  • Fully assembled and tested by experienced factory trained technicians.
  • All required internal cables, connectors, brackets, and breakers.
  • Will take power from solar panels, wind power, or generators.
  • A safe 100% NEC compliant design.
  • Ability to expand up to 40,000 watts.
  • MPN: 1440334
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Outback Power GS4048A Inverter

Spec. Sheet
Installation Manual
Operators Manual
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About Four Star Solar

Four Star Solar was developed from decades of experience in off-grid solar system design to provide sophisticated solutions for off-grid solar power users. Experts in battery-based power, we bring off-grid solar into the New Millennium with inverter systems and backup power appliances that are safe and elegant. Four Star Solar products simplify installation of off-grid solar power and reduce risk of costly errors. Back to Top

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