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DIY Solar Design and Permitting Service

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To provide access to affordable, accurate and expeditious support for DIY solar permits, Wholesale Solar refers customers to a nationwide solar permit and design service to ensure your installation is approved fast and hassle-free.

Solar Permit Services, Inc. (SPS) offers high-quality, detailed solar permit plan sets at affordable rates. SPS starts your system permitting plan immediately for fast delivery, keeping your installation schedule on-track and moving forward. SPS typically delivers plan sets within 5-7 business days, though some times may vary based on your local requirements or required revisions. This ensures all applicable city codes and NEC regulations are met on the first visit to your building and safety department. Plus, SPS provides all necessary corrections at no charge. Please speak with SPS regarding your specific plan set and expected delivery time.

Solar Permit Plan Set / Package Includes:

  • Cover page
  • Plot Plan
  • Single Line Drawing (includes Ampacity & Voltage calculations, and solar breaker size)
  • Module data sheet
  • Inverter data sheet
  • Racking attachment detail
  • Engineering certification letter (from racking manufacturer)
  • Labels placement map

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SPS will get your permit plan started for only 50% ($125) upfront with the full payment due upon completion. Customers needing PE stamps will be responsible for full upfront payment. For specific questions or pricing details, please contact SPS directly.

Off Grid Customers

For off-grid applications, or any systems with energy storage, please contact SPS for pricing and options on custom permit services.

Not Sure What You Need?

Our package systems include a detailed wiring diagram that helps with installation. However, some customers may prefer to let the experienced designers at SPS handle their plan set. This can save you time and ensure a hassle-free permitting process.

For more information on Wholesale Solar’s wiring diagrams, speak with your design tech or visit our Electrical Wiring Diagram page to learn more.

Start Your Permit with SPS

To get your permit started today, please use our SPS Form Guide and complete the entire form below. Your information and details will be sent directly to SPS:

Click to open in a new tab: SPS Form Guide