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Hello Do-It-Yourselfer.

In 2 minutes we’ll show you how Do-It-Yourself Solar Power will save you thousands with affordable home solar (and commercial)!

What is DIY Solar?

Do-It-Yourself solar systems put you in control when you build your own solar power system over "Big Solar" turnkey schemes, saving you thousands!

Ok, But How Do I Save on Solar?

  • ZERO $ in installer markup & labor
  • 100% use of solar tax credits & local incentives
  • 2-3 times faster payback period
  • 4-5% average increase in home resale value

Plus, our free services save you even more:

  • FREE solar estimate, system sizing & design
  • FREE tools, resources & how-to guides
  • FREE permit help & tech support
  • FREE shipping on complete system kits

These savings and services are impossible with those Big Solar outfits & lease schemes. They’re only interested in bloated profits, not your power savings!

How do i save money on my quote
installing solar panels

Go From Solar Newbie to DIY Solar Pro Fast

Join our DIY Solar WorkShop:

Step-by-Step Confidence-Building Workshop

Makes Sense, But is Big Solar a Real Thing?

Full transparency here … we coined the term Big Solar representing "big name" solar outfits from TV & glossy magazine ads who oppose cheap solar power installation.

Every day, Big Solar spends Millions on ads claiming:

  • Slick promises about huge power savings (without detailing the true lifetime costs)
  • Vague Promotions about huge cost savings (without showing the fine print)
  • Only Tech-savvy people enjoy solar (myth)
  • Highly Trained Installer: Need to be handled and installed by specially trained or certified expert (myth)
  • Strict Regulations: Local or industry regulations don’t allow DIY Solar (myth)
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Sure, having everything done for you is convenient, but convenience costs money - a LOT of money - and extends your solar payback period years.

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Shockingly, many customers tell us their turnkey installation estimate was double - sometimes triple - the price of DIY Solar - and - their payback period was often over a decade - or WORSE - even with solar incentives & tax credits.

Disappointed, most felt solar just wasn’t worth the high cost … until … they heard about DIY Solar solutions from Wholesale Solar!

But, I’m No Contractor … Can I Really DIY Solar?

Certainly, parts of any DIY solar electrical system install may best be left to a pro, like an electrician (even required in most grid-tie installs). But, solar isn’t the "scary" myth Big Solar spins - even if you hire some help for a diy solar roof, you’ll still save thousands!

And, tons of customers tell us just how Fun & Easy their installation turned out to be!

Okay, But Who is Wholesale Solar?

Wholesale Solar offers drastically reduced "wholesale" pricing on systems and components for DIY Solar electric power for homes or businesses & sells direct to You.

Since 2002, we’ve shown thousands of customers how to install solar power systems for homes, commercial, even local independent installers and contractors — saving thousands each time. We have been featured in national publications, helped nearly 8,000 thrilled DIY customers, and are proud to be:

  • 100% Employee-owned (we benefit by working for you)
  • Proud & Trusted USA Company (we’re not a faceless dropship company)
  • One of the highest positive-rated solar companies on Google (4.8/5 Stars)
  • Industry-leading design & support techs (before, during & after installation)
  • Live USA-based sales & support team (available by phone, chat or email)

Yes, I'm Interested!

You Got the Basics. Ready for DIY Solar Workshop?

Thanks for checking out DIY Solar basics. As you can see, almost anyone can install solar with the right information, confidence and support.

Now, Let’s Learn HOW to Power Your Own Way!

Make your experience and concern selections, then sign up for our Free DIY Solar Workshop.

*Wholesale Solar will never share your information with a third party.

    Still Not Convinced?

    Take a quick peek at a few examples from our massive resource library. We’ve consolidated all of our key articles, guides and planning tools into the step-by-step course DIY Solar Workshop.

  • A

    Learn the Basics

    Inside the workshop, you’ll find dozens of short videos & articles covering basic solar concepts like sizing a system to match your energy usage and getting the best price on your solar panel installation. We even break down simple terms like "What is a Kilowatt Hour?".

    solar basics video
  • B

    Calculate Your Return

    Your payback period is the time it takes for your energy savings to pay off the initial cost of your system. Afterwards, your solar investment puts money back in your pocket. In the workshop, you’ll get all the tools, formulas, even a Solar ROI guide. Here’s a quick primer:

    solar payback video
  • C

    Choosing Your Solar Power System

    Inside the workshop, we cover the three system types: off-grid, grid-tie or grid-tie with energy storage. This is the single most important choice, as it sets the stage for the entire project. Get a jumpstart and check out the Getting Started guide below.

  • D

    Remove the Guesswork on Products

    Solar is a long-term investment, so it’s critical to buy high-quality components that last. In the workshop, you’ll find product reviews, comparisons and Buyer’s Guides highlighting what to look for and why.

    which solar panels are the best video
  • E

    Cost, Size & Compare Systems

    Plan & estimate your perfect system with a ballpark estimate of size and cost to go solar. Plus, get system comparisons based on your preferences, including DIY vs installer savings. The workshop is filled with planning tools, calculators and helpful advice.

  • F

    Avoid Mistakes - Speak With a Design Tech

    Save time and money with a free design consultation with our in-house solar techs. Our team has designed more than 10,000 systems since 2002. We’re here to steer you in the right direction, solve problems and keep your DIY solar installation on track:

    8 solar mistakes
  • G

    Shop With Confidence

    We offer solar power systems that work using the industry’s most proven, trusted brands. From packaged kits to custom design solutions, you can be confident you’re buying high-quality, lasting products with expert support and service for life. Ready for the fun part?

  • H

    Shipped With Care

    Your solar power system is carefully packed, crated and shipped from our warehouse in Mt. Shasta, CA. Watch this video for an overview of the shipping process:

    unpacking vidoe

    Oh, did we mention we offer Free Shipping on all complete solar power systems (& hundreds of individual products)? See our free shipping page to learn how to save even more on your project.

  • I

    DIY Solar Installation

    You made it! You system arrived and you’re ready to tackle your DIY solar installation. Our workshop is packed with installation guides and videos to walk you through the process.

    If you get stuck, our in-house tech support team is here to help you with any issues. We’re in this together—before, during and long after the sale.

Go From Solar Newbie to DIY Solar Pro Fast

Join our DIY Solar WorkShop:

Step-by-Step Confidence-Building Workshop


Customer Testimonials



Still not sure you’re ready to take on a DIY solar project? Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration. Take a look at our Install of the Month feature, where we showcase the awesome systems that Wholesale Solar customers have built for themselves.

If these folks can do it, so can you!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really install my own solar electric system?

Yes! Over half of our customers install and maintain their own solar power systems. Some hire extra help for part of the installation. Most have an electrician connect the wires to your home electrical panel.

If you commit to the research, there’s nothing stopping you from completing the entire installation yourself. Of course, if you get stuck, our experienced design and support team is here to lend advice and get you back on track.

Can I build my own solar panels?

We suggest leaving solar panel manufacturing to the companies who keep tight control on production quality and safety. You can find information on the web about building DIY solar panels, but we don't recommend it because the panels would not be approved for permitting.

However, there's plenty you can do yourself—sizing your system, picking components, mounting and installing the solar panels, inverter(s), safety disconnects, and so on. The more you do yourself, the more you’ll save.

How big of a solar system will I need?

Your system size depends on your unique circumstances. Some common factors that influence system size are:

  • current energy usage
  • budget
  • available build space
  • temperature
  • exposure to sunlight
  • future plans for system expansion

We have two calculators to help you size your system:

To understand what we factor into these calculations, take a look at our article: "How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?"

Of course, there’s no substitute for personalized help. Give us a call at 1-800-472-1142 to connect with an expert solar tech. We’ll help you design the perfect system for your needs.

How much does DIY solar cost?

The cost of your system will depend on how much electricity you plan to use. To estimate the answer to that question:

  • Check your electric bills for how much power you use during your highest months of usage.
  • Decide whether you’ll be paying for an installer or not.
  • Learn about the solar incentives that may be available to you.
  • Contact your county or city building department to learn about installing "to code"—both for safety, and to pass inspection.

In over your head? Call us at 1-800-472-1142.

Can I self-install a grid-tied solar power system?

Many of our grid-tied customers do. Grid-tied solar—for homes that are already plugged into utility power—is less complex to install than off-grid and can be easily expanded.

Because you are tying into the utility grid, your installation may be more regulated. Check out the regulations, legislation, and policies in your state, and plan to have an electrician or licensed contractor do the final hook-up.

Can I self-install an off-grid solar power system?

Of course! Off-grid solar power is for independent-minded people who want no restrictions on where they choose to live. Off-grid solar power allows you to buy undeveloped land that you can afford more easily. Where other people wouldn’t have power, you’ll have clean, effective solar energy.

Know What System You Need Now?

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