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About Wholesale Solar

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Our vision is a world where clean energy is powered by individuals, ingenuity and independence.

Our mission is to provide tailored solutions and lifelong support empowering people, communities and businesses to control the way they harness clean energy.


Wholesale Solar is focused on making clean energy accessible and affordable to everyone.

To us, solar power doesn’t just keep the lights on—it empowers the pursuit of independence and sustainable living.

With offices in Northern California and Southern Oregon, the Wholesale Solar team feels deeply connected to the environment. Mount Shasta towers 14,179 feet over our flagship office in CA, providing year-round access to miles of hiking, biking and horse riding trails. Just north of the state line, our team in our Ashland, OR office enjoys winery tours, restaurants and local theater, including the renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Since we care so much about the world around us, it’s no surprise we’ve been drawn to work in the renewable energy industry. But the way we see it, going solar is about more than just preserving the environment. It’s an investment in the future.

No matter who you are or where you live, going solar allows you to generate affordable, clean power on your own terms.

That motivation is what led the Colemans to found Wholesale Solar back in 1992. In 2012, the employees bought Wholesale Solar, becoming co-owners with a vested stake in the company.

Today, Wholesale Solar is run by 55+ employee-owners who take pride in designing tailor-made solar solutions to help our customers take control of their energy needs.

True to our roots, Wholesale Solar is pioneering a new way to go solar for every household and lifestyle. We pair you with an experienced design consultant who helps you put together a system that is tailored to fit your energy needs. You’re in complete control of your project, and with access to equipment from 50+ reputable manufacturers, you’ll never need to compromise to build your system just the way you want it.

Do it your way. That’s the Wholesale Solar promise.