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About Wholesale Solar

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DIY Roots

Did we get into the solar business to save the world? No. Actually, we just wanted independence. Home. Family. Health. Beauty. And time to enjoy them.

We wanted the chance to build a home on land we could afford, instead of being trapped by a mortgage that would add cost to and dictate what style of house we could build. We wanted to be able to live on one income, so that Ellen could stay home with our kids. We wanted clean air and pure water and to grow our own fruit and vegetables.

We built our solar-powered home on a shoestring budget, but in the end we had a super energy-efficient home that was warm in winter (where it can get 10-15 degrees below zero), and cool in summer. We had plenty of room and plenty of power for gadgets and appliances. We felt rich, blessed. But the real wealth was independence. We've been lucky to work for ourselves, towards our own goals.

After building our house north of Taos, Mark helped build other houses, designing the solar electric systems and sourcing the products.  His interest in solar technology and rapidly growing computer technology led to a budding website which we converted to in 2002 when we moved to Northern California.

Then And Now

It has been two and a half decades since we bought those used Carter-era solar panels. Although we don't own the New Mexico house anymore, those solar panels are still making electricity from the sun. Our daughters, who were raised off the grid, are now grown. One of them, Allie, is now the company CEO.

The business has grown from its family-owned beginnings to a 50+ person, 100% employee-owned business.

We pride ourselves on being family-friendly and supportive of healthy lifestyles. We get to live and work in one of the most beautiful areas of the world. Mount Shasta water is as pure as it gets, originating from a spring on Mount Shasta and not seeing daylight until it comes out of the tap!

Today our employee-owners enjoy a good work-life balance, raising their families surrounded by nature and a bit of culture, from small art galleries to locally loved musical ensembles. Our younger staff regularly enjoy evening and weekend excursions to local hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking spots, and make ample use of the skiing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding opportunities in the winter.

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