Pre-sized solar battery banks ensure you have the right storage solution for your solar system. Built with batteries from trusted manufacturers like Discover, Crown, Fullriver and more.
Different battery types

Deep Cycle Battery Banks 101

The battery bank is one of the most complicated and costly components of any off-grid power system.

Your battery storage needs to be large enough to supply power year-round. Nothing is more frustrating than suffering a power outage because your battery bank doesn’t store enough charge.

On the other hand, too much battery capacity means your system won’t be able to fully recharge. If your battery bank is too large, your batteries can’t get the full charge, which can ruin the batteries.

Dialing in on the right battery bank is an important step to designing your off-grid system. You want to make sure you hit the sweet spot.

What’s in a Battery Bank?

A battery bank can be composed of a single battery, or multiple interconnected batteries that are wired to work as one large battery at a certain voltage and amp-hour capacity.

We design our battery banks to pair with our off-grid systems. They include some extra components to ensure the system works out of the box.


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Lead Acid Battery Bank

Flooded lead Acid


  • Batteries
  • Interconnect cables and hardware
  • Refractometer for checking battery charge levels

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Sealed Lead Acid Battery Bank

Sealed Lead Acid


  • Batteries
  • Interconnect cables and hardware

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Lithium Battery Bank



  • Batteries
  • Interconnect cables and hardware

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Battery Bank

Battery Bank Next Steps

If you know your monthly kWh usage, find out what battery bank size you’ll need with our battery bank calculator.

Are you designing your system from scratch? Check out our complete off-grid packages. Each one has a group of battery banks to choose from.

Still not sure what kind of system you’re looking for? Get our FREE Getting Started Guide. It covers all the basics of solar power.

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A poorly designed system can ruin your batteries. Our Solar Battery Guide will help you size your battery bank properly and keep things running smoothly.