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Common Solar Questions

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Read our Grid-Tied vs Off-Grid article. Watch our video about system types to determine which system type is right for you.
You can find a ballpark system size by using our Solar Cost Calculator. If you're looking at an Off-Grid system, watch our Off-Grid Sizing Video.
For a ballpark estimate based on your location and personal energy usage, check out our Solar Cost Calculators:
Most of our customers install their own system, while about 20% source their own materials and hire a local contractor. Explore the DIY Solar Timeline and sign up for our free DIY Solar Workshop for step-by-step guidance on installing your own system.
Shipping is FREE on select products and solar power systems. For individual components that are not included in free shipping, we can give you a shipping cost estimate with your quote.
Our kits and complete systems come with most components necessary to install your own solar system. You may need to source items like wire and conduit at your local hardware store. Contact us if you have any questions about compatibility or applications.
Contractor rates can vary widely. Look for multiple bids to secure the best price. We typically tell customers to expect an installer to charge $.75-$1.00 per watt installed (in addition to the equipment costs).
Please fill out our installer application to apply for installer or dealer pricing pricing.
You can claim a portion of your project costs as a credit when you file your taxes. Read our basic overview of the federal tax credit and explore state and local incentives in your area.
Yes, though it may not be the most cost-effective solution to add backup power. Read our article on adding backup power to an existing system to learn more.

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