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Kohler RXT 200A / 240V Outdoor Entrance Transfer Switch

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Product Information

Model Part No. Size & Weight Price
Kohler RXT 200A / 240V Outdoor Entrance Transfer Switch187081532 × 19 × 11 in
30 lbs
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Transfers between generator and grid power. At 200 amps, it is a good candidate for whole home backup. The RXT communicates with the generator controller with a CAT5 cable for advanced communication and programming. Works with RDC2or DC2 controllers. This model is service entrance rated, which means that it comes with a 200 amp main breaker, which is the first thing the conductors for the meter have to hit. Non service-entrance-rated transfer switches for whole home must be preceded by a service-rated main disconnect.
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Kohler RXT 200A / 240V Outdoor Entrance Transfer Switch

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KOHLER Power Systems is a division of Kohler Co., and provides complete power systems, including generators (home, industrial, mobile and marine), automatic transfer switches, switchgear, monitoring controls, and accessories for emergency, prime power and energy-management applications. KOHLER Power Systems has delivered energy solutions for markets worldwide since 1920.

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