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SnapNrack SnapNRack Metal Roof Base Assembly

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  • Attachment options for any roof type
  • High quality components
  • Easy to install

Product Information

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SnapNrack SnapNRack Metal Roof Base Assembly6999503
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SnapNrack's Metal Roof Base is used to attach standard PV racking hardware to most common metal roof tops with a flat mounting surface. The Metal Roof Base seals to the roof with an integral EPDM rubber washer and sealing top cap and includes a 5/16" stud for attaching to SnapNrack L feet. Lag bolts or tek screws for attaching to the roof are not included and need to be supplied by the installer. This product also requires a 5/16” stainless steel flange nut to attach an L Foot, please see related items.Back to Top

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About SnapNrack

In an industry focused on a continuous reduction in installation costs in order to reach grid parity and beyond, SnapNrack’s team believes that the mounting system is the key to driving down labor time, resulting in quicker and less expensive installations. SnapNrack’s team is committed to providing this while never sacrificing aesthetics or product quality.

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