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Neurio Home Energy Monitor W1-HEM

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  • Sophisticated home-energy monitoring
  • Smarter way to manage your home energy

Product Information

Model Part No. Description Price
Neurio Home Energy Monitor W1-HEM9000300Neurio Home Energy Monitor - Single Phase W1-HEM


Neurio Home Energy Monitor

Neurio Home Energy Monitor

Neurio is a sophisticated home energy monitor consisting of a small meter installed in your home energy panel which transmits data to your local Wifi network, allowing you to view real-time energy usage from your smartphone, tablet, PC or any internet-connected device. Simply mount Neurio in your electrical panel, attach the current transformer rings to the main power wires and follow the instructions for connecting Neurio to your Wifi network.

Real-time energy data at your fingertips

Neurio’s app shows real-time energy monitoring allowing you to see what is being powered in your home. You can view historical power usage through the app and data can be exported from Neurio’s website. This is a great tool for measuring your energy bill if you are attempting to manage your energy costs. This is also ideal for anyone interested in adding solar, Neurio’s historical usage data can be exported and used by our experienced sales technicians to size a solar system for your home. Neurio offers a solar expansion kit (sold separately) to measure and graph the real-time performance of your solar energy system.
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Features & Attributes

  • Weight: 1.35 lbs
  • Real-Time energy monitoring, bill forecasting and history
  • Includes Neurio Wifi sensor, 2 current transformers, voltage cables, antenna, and mounting option accessories
  • Solar kit sold separately
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Neurio Home Energy Monitor W1-HEM

Installation Manual
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About Neurio

Neurio is an advanced and affordable home energy monitoring device which reports real-time power usage, patterns and more directly to any smartphone or internet-connected device. With the addition of the solar add-on kit Neurio can also monitor production of a PV system. Neurio has an open API which allows it to be interfaced with home automation systems including SmartThings for ultimate monitoring and control over your home.

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