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Multi-Contact USA MC4 Female Connector

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Multi-Contact USA:
  • UL-approved connectors for PV wire
  • Industry-standard for PV wire quick-connectors

Product Information

Model Part No. Type Length Description Price
Multi-Contact USA MC4 Female Connector9914195MC4MC4 Female Connector (1) Solarline
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At first glance, the distinction between male and female connectors is somewhat counter-intuitive. "Male" or "female" refers to the metal pins within the connectors rather than the actual plastic housing of the connectors.

The housing of the male connector has a large opening at the end, with the actual pin inside. The connector of the female pin, however, has a long tip goes fits into male connector when the two are mated.

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Features & Attributes

  • Weight: .08 lbs
  • Multi-Contact MC4 Connector with Boot for 6 to 9mm OD #10 AWG PV Wire Female
  • Manufacturer part number 32.0016P0001UR
  • MPN: 32.0016P0001UR
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