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Wholesale Solar carries all components necessary for putting together solar, wind and hybrid electric systems. We also carry complete package systems for off-grid and grid-intertied homes, businesses and stand-alone remote projects.


Concorde / Sun XtenderCrownDiscover BatteryEnphaseFullriverLG ChemOutback PowerSimpliPhiSolar-OneSurrette / RollsTrojan Battery CompanyUPG

Battery Accessories

E-Z RedEnphaseMidNite SolarSimpliPhiSolar-OneWholesale Solar

Battery Backup Systems

Four Star Solar

Battery Banks

CrownFour Star SolarFullriverOutback PowerSurrette / Rolls

Battery Chargers


Battery Enclosures & Boxes

AmerescoFour Star SolarMidNite SolarOutback PowerRadiant Solar TechnologySolarland


Magnum EnergyMidNite SolarOutback PowerSchneiderSquare D


EnphaseFour Star SolarMidNite SolarMulti-Contact USA

Charge Controllers

Blue SkyMagnum EnergyMidNite SolarMorningstar CorporationOutback PowerSchneider

Charge Controller Accessories

Blue SkyMidNite SolarMorningstar CorporationOutback PowerSchneider


Four Star SolarMagnum EnergyMidNite SolarOutback PowerSchneiderSMASquare D


Magnum EnergyMidNite Solar



Generator Accessories


Generator Packages

Wholesale Solar


CotekEnphaseFroniusMagnum EnergyMorningstar CorporationOutback PowerSchneiderSMASolarEdgeSolis Inverters

Inverter Accessories

CotekEnphaseFroniusLGMagnum EnergyMidNite SolarMorningstar CorporationOutback PowerSchneiderSMASolarEdgeSolis Inverters

Solar Lights



General ElectricMidNite SolarOutback Power

Power Centers

Four Star SolarMidNite SolarOutback Power


DynoRaxxGeneral SpecialtiesHeyco Products Inc.IronRidgeLink SolarMT SolarQuick MountS-5SnapNrackSolarlandTamarack Solar Products Inc.BURNDYWholesale SolarZomeworks


Wholesale Solar

Solar Panels

AstronergyCanadian SolarHyundaiJA SolarLGPanasonicSolarlandSolarWorldSunPowerUPG

Complete Systems

Outback PowerWholesale Solar

Wind Turbines

Primus WindpowerSilentwind

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Products We No Longer Sell (Informational only)


Composting Toilets, Gas Ranges, Freezers, Refrigerators

Brands We No Longer Carry (Informational only)

AEE Solar - Allied Wire & Cable - Apollo Solar - Aquion Energy - AU Optronics - Blue Sea Systems - Bogart Engineering - Bosch - BP Solar - C-Port - CBI Electric - Centennial Batteries - Cobra Wire & Cable - Conergy - Dankoff Solar - Direct Power & Water - EcoFasten Solar - ecoSolargy Inc. - Eoplly - ET Solar - Evergreen Solar - EXELTECH - Grundfos Pumps - Helios Solar - Interstate Batteries - Kaneka Corporation - Kyocera - LORENTZ - Mitsubishi - NB Solar - Neurio - Oatey - Peerless Electric - Power One / ABB - Power Up Co. - Pulse Electronics - Advanced Energy - REC Solar - Renusol America - Ritek Solar - Samlex - Samsung - Sanyo (now Panasonic) - Schletter - SCHOTT Solar - Specialty Concepts - Servel Refridgeration (now Dometic) - Sharp - Shell Solar - SHURflo - Solectria - A Yaskawa Company - Solon - Southwest Windpower - Spice Solar - Staber Industries, Inc. - Sun Frost - Suniva - Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd. - SunWize Power & Battery - Topoint - Trina Solar, Inc. - Unirac - Unisolar - U.S. Battery - Wattsun - WEEB - Westinghouse Electric - Xantrex - Yingli Solar -