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Wholesale Solar carries all components necessary for putting together solar, wind and hybrid electric systems. We also carry complete package systems for off-grid and grid-intertied homes, businesses and stand-alone remote projects.


Aquion EnergyConcorde / Sun XtenderCrownEnphaseFullriverLG ChemOutback PowerSimpliPhiSolar-OneSurrette / RollsTrojan Battery CompanyUPG

Battery Accessories

E-Z RedEnphaseMidNite SolarSimpliPhiSolar-OneWholesale Solar

Battery Backup Systems

Four Star Solar

Battery Banks

CrownFour Star SolarFullriverOutback PowerSurrette / Rolls

Battery Chargers


Battery Enclosures & Boxes

AmerescoFour Star SolarMidNite SolarOutback PowerRadiant Solar TechnologySolarland


CBI ElectricMagnum EnergyMidNite SolarOutback PowerSchneiderSquare D


EnphaseFour Star SolarMidNite SolarMulti-Contact USA

Charge Controllers

Blue SkyMagnum EnergyMidNite SolarMorningstar CorporationOutback PowerSchneider

Charge Controller Accessories

Blue SkyMidNite SolarMorningstar CorporationOutback PowerSchneider


Four Star SolarMagnum EnergyMidNite SolarOutback PowerSchneiderSMASquare D


Magnum EnergyMidNite Solar



Generator Accessories


Generator Packages

Wholesale Solar


CotekEnphaseFroniusMagnum EnergyMorningstar CorporationOutback PowerSchneiderSMASolarEdgeSolis Inverters

Inverter Accessories

CotekEnphaseFroniusLGMagnum EnergyMidNite SolarMorningstar CorporationOutback PowerPower One / ABBSchneiderSMASolarEdgeSolis Inverters

Solar Lights



General ElectricMidNite SolarNeurioOutback Power

Meter Accessories


Power Centers

Four Star SolarMidNite SolarOutback Power


DynoRaxxGeneral SpecialtiesHeyco Products Inc.IronRidgeLink SolarMT SolarQuick MountS-5SnapNrackSolarlandTamarack Solar Products Inc.BURNDYWholesale SolarZomeworks


Wholesale Solar

Solar Panels

AstronergyHyundaiJA SolarKyoceraLGPanasonicSolarlandSolarWorldSunivaUPG

Complete Systems

Outback PowerWholesale Solar

Wind Turbines

Primus WindpowerSilentwind

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Products We No Longer Sell (Informational only)


Composting Toilets, Gas Ranges, Freezers, Refrigerators

Brands We No Longer Carry (Informational only)

AEE Solar - Apollo Solar - AU Optronics - Blue Sea Systems - Bogart Engineering - Bosch - BP Solar - Centennial Batteries - Cobra Wire & Cable - Conergy - Direct Power & Water - EcoFasten Solar - ecoSolargy Inc. - Eoplly - ET Solar - Evergreen Solar - EXELTECH - Grundfos Pumps - Helios Solar - Kaneka Corporation - LORENTZ - Mitsubishi - NB Solar - Oatey - Peerless Electric - Power Up Co. - Pulse Electronics - Advanced Energy - REC Solar - Renusol America - Ritek Solar - Samsung - Sanyo (now Panasonic) - SCHOTT Solar - Specialty Concepts - Servel Refridgeration (now Dometic) - Sharp - Shell Solar - SHURflo - Solectria - A Yaskawa Company - Solon - Southwest Windpower - Staber Industries, Inc. - Sun Frost - Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd. - SunWize Power & Battery - Topoint - Trina Solar, Inc. - Unirac - Unisolar - U.S. Battery - Wattsun - WEEB - Westinghouse Electric - Xantrex - Yingli Solar -