Flexible Terms That Make Financing Easy

Our 30-180 day payback period gives you the peace of mind to complete your project on schedule. Get in, get out, and get it done with Behalf.

Buy Equipment Today

Conveniently fund today’s purchase directly from your Behalf account.

Pay On Your Schedule

Pay nothing up front and enjoy 30 to 180 days of extra time, available on-demand.

Control Your Cash Flow

Customize your ideal weekly or monthly payment plan for each purchase transaction.

Why Wholesale Solar & Behalf

Free to Apply

There are no fees to open or maintain a Behalf account and you only pay for the terms you choose.

Business Financing

Qualify for more buying power and use it to purchase the things your business needs to grow.

Low Monthly Rates

Enjoy 30 to 180 days of extra time to pay at a fixed monthly rate starting at just 1%*.

Save with Weekly Plans

Get a 10% discount off financing fees each time you select a weekly payment schedule.

*Rates are subject to underwriting approval.

How Behalf Works

1. Apply and Get a Quick Decision

Qualify for a purchasing line and begin using your buying power immediately.

2. Choose Your Terms

Decide how to pay for each order by creating a pay-in-full, weekly or monthly schedule with 30 to 180 days of extra time, available on-demand.

3. Send Payment to Your Merchant

Conveniently send payment directly from your line or use our MasterCard feature to checkout online.

4. Take Your Terms Everywhere

Use your Behalf purchasing line instead of checks or credit cards and get the terms you want on everything you buy.

Ready to Apply?

Fill out an application to start growing your business today!


Businesses of all sizes, from small sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 Companies, enjoy paying with Behalf.

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1. In some situations, errors may occur during the application process that prevents Behalf from returning a quick decision and/or giving immediate access to approved funds.

2. Behalf settles payment with merchants two ways: via the MasterCard network or by electronic bank transfer. While these flexible options allow us to pay nearly any business, there are a few exceptions.

Applications submitted through Behalf are funded by FinWise Bank, a Utah-chartered bank, member FDIC.