Massive Solar Rebates for Indiana Residents

Massive Solar Rebates for Indiana Residents

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Attention Northern Indiana Residents:

Have you heard of the Feed-in Tariff program from NIPSCO? This program allows homeowners producing renewable energy to sell power back to NIPSCO at some of the highest rates-per-kWh available in the country!

NIPSCO (Northern Indiana Public Service Company) is currently accepting Participation Request Forms, and Wholesale Solar encourages you to apply!

Why? Because solar energy is a triple-bottom-line investment that will benefit your family, your pocketbook, and our planet. Wholesale Solar wants to help you achieve all these things by building the perfect custom solar power system to take full advantage of this money-making Indiana tariff opportunity.

Plus, if you purchase your system from Wholesale Solar, we will even reimburse the small Submission Fee required for NIPSCO’s Participation Request Form.

Download the Feed-in Tariff Territory Map to see if your area qualifies for the rebate.


Let’s Do The Math

Let’s say you purchase a 10kW system (what NIPSCO calls “Micro-Solar). With 4.2 sun hours per day, the average 10kW solar array will produce around 13,000 kWh per year. If you get in on tier one of this program, you will get paid $0.17/kWh generated.

That is worth $2,210/yr from the utility company!

Plus you may qualify for the Federal Tax Credit (30% of total installed cost), which means year one of your investment could be worth close to $7,000. Every year after that you can still expect to receive around $2,200 from the utility company for as long as NIPSCO honors this program. You can see why this investment makes sense right now.

At a time when many solar rebate and incentives are going away, NIPSCO’s Feed-in Tariff is one of the most lucrative opportunities for ROI (Return On Investment) around. Don’t miss this!

Receive payment for the amount of energy generated:


Why Choose Wholesale Solar?

Here’s a few reasons why thousands of customers around the country enjoy doing business with us:

  • We are solar design experts who care about your future and the future of our planet.
  • We stock high-quality products from reliable brands.
  • Our experienced design staff can help build the perfect system to meet your needs.
  • We offer award-winning shipping delivered safely and on time.
  • We provide world-class service before AND after the sale.
  • We are a 100% Employee-Owned company in northern California.

PLEASE NOTE: Wholesale Solar is not affiliated in any way with NIPSCO. We are simply interested in providing solar power solutions to progressive customers, while helping them to save money, AND our planet.

Here are a few additional program details from NIPSCOs website:

  • Availability is limited.
  • Must be an existing NIPSCO electric customer.
  • Must be wind, solar or sustainable biomass or biogas projects.
  • Supports generation projects from 3 kW – 1 MW (varies by technology).
  • Interconnection and Renewable Power Purchase Agreements are required.
  • Customer is responsible for infrastructure upgrades and installation costs.
  • Customer is responsible for maintenance of the system and interconnection wiring.
  • Customer transfers all rights to environmental assets from the sale of energy to NIPSCO.

Hurry, the last day to submit a Participation Request Form to NIPSCO is June 1, 2015. Remember, you don’t have to buy and install your system before that date, you just have to submit your PRF by then.

Have More Questions? Ready to Get Started?
Call Wholesale Solar at 1-800-472-1142 to speak with one of our solar designers.

Additional Resources:

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