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Kohler Generators

Do I need a generator?

For emergencies

If the grid goes down or your off-grid solar system needs a backup charging source, it's nice to have a "Plan B". A properly installed and maintained generator lets your family get through these unexpected occurrences with minimal inconvenience, keeping the power on while you wait it out.

For supplemental off-grid power

On occasion, factors like shading, limited roof space, extended overcast weather, etc. can impact the power you get from solar panels (learn more about maximizing solar panel efficiency). In those cases, a supplemental generator can fill the gap between what the panels produce and what your appliances demand, enabling you to continue living "off-grid" without utility power.

As a sole off-grid power source

Naturally, Wholesale Solar recommends our solar panels as the primary power source for your home, but we understand that's not always a possibility for every customer. We can also sell complete generator packages that are powerful enough to provide electricity to your entire house. An off-grid home can be powered directly by a generator or the generator can be used with an inverter and battery bank.

Learn more about generators

See our generator information page for more information and answers to frequently asked questions.

About Kohler

KOHLER Power Systems is a division of Kohler Co., and provides complete power systems, including generators (home, industrial, mobile and marine), automatic transfer switches, switchgear, monitoring controls, and accessories for emergency, prime power and energy-management applications. KOHLER Power Systems has delivered energy solutions for markets worldwide since 1920.

Why do I have to call to purchase a generator?

Our Kohler-trained technicians will help you choose the model most appropriate for your home, including any controllers or accessories you might need. Generator systems require specialized knowledge and typically there are several additional components required in a system. Contact our experienced sales team to request a quote or place an order.

Give us a call at 1-800-472-1142 when you're ready to choose the right generator, or if you have any questions about them!

Generator Packages

Generator PackagesPart No.Watts (LPG/Natural Gas)Amps (LPG/Natural Gas)Volts ACPrice
12kW Kohler Off-Grid Generator Package189400012,000 / 10,400W50A120/240VAC
14kW Kohler Partial Home Backup Generator Package189405014,000 / 12,000W70A120/240VAC
14kW Kohler Off-Grid Generator Package189407514,000 / 12,000W70A120/240VAC
20kW Kohler Full-Home Backup Generator Package189410020,000 / 18,000W83A120/240VAC
28kW Kohler Off-Grid Generator Package189415028,000 / 24,000W140A120/240VAC
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Home Generators

Home GeneratorsPart No.Watts (LPG/Natural Gas)AmpsVolts ACWarrantyPrice
Kohler 10RESV 10kW 120/240 UL Generator187004010,000 / 9,000W41.7A120 / 240VAC5 Year or 2,000 hour Standby
Kohler 12RES 12kW, 120/240V UL/CSA Generator187007012,000 / 10,400W50A120 / 240VAC5 year or 2,000 hour Standby / 18 month or 1,000 hour Off-grid
Kohler 14RESA 14kW, 120/240V UL Generator187008514,000 / 12,000W70A120 / 240VAC5 year or 2,000 hour Standby / 18 month or 1,000 hour Off-grid
Kohler 20RESC 20kW, 120/240V UL Generator187012020,000 / 18,000W83A120 / 240VAC5 year or 2,000 hour Standby
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