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Our off-grid solar packages come with everything you need to build your own personal power plant, right on your property. Install the system yourself or bring in a local contractor for help.

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What's in an Off-Grid Solar System?

We assemble, wire, and test all the parts necessary to run your off-grid system right in our warehouse. Our designers are pros at building flexible systems that can be expanded if your energy needs change down the road.

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Your Batteries, Your Power Utility.

Batteries make off-grid solar possible. Without access to the utility grid, you need a reliable way to store the energy you generate for later use.

Your battery bank keeps your appliances running — even at night or during winter, when the sun isn’t shining. It’s critical to build a battery bank that can store enough energy to get you through off-peak production periods. Our available battery banks come packaged with the capacity to get the job done.

There are three battery types commonly used for off-grid solar:

  • Flooded Lead Acid
  • Sealed Lead Acid (AGM or Gel)
  • Lithium
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Crown CR430 Flooded Lead Acid Battery

US-made batteries from a leading lead acid manufacturer. Crown CR430 batteries feature high capacity and a 3-year warranty at a competitive price. Crown’s Snap Caps are included to help extend maintenance intervals between adding water.

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3 years
Every 30-45 Days

Fullriver DC400-6 AGM Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Fullriver batteries are optimized for long life and high reserve capacity in the most demanding off-grid applications. Maintenance-free AGM batteries are ideal for installations where regular maintenance isn’t possible. Fullriver backs their DC-series batteries with a leading 7-year warranty.

$ $ $ $
7 years

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Discover AES Lithium Battery

Discover’s Lithium batteries are an advanced storage system optimized for the longest lifespan, faster recharge, and high efficiency. Discover uses Lithium Iron Phosphate technology (also called LFP or LiFePO4) which is robust, safe, and offers the longest lifespan of any off-grid battery.

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10 years

Need Help Deciding? Give us a call.

Don't be shy. If you’re still not sure how many batteries you need or any other question about your off-grid solar design, give us a call. Our experienced Solar Technicians would be happy to answer any questions you have.


Shop All Off-Grid Packages and compare pricing and specs.

Solar Panels

Simply put, panels absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity.

We hand-select panels that are compatible with the batteries, power centers and other components packaged with your off-grid system. We double-check the math on voltage, amperage and string size to make sure you don’t damage your components.

Where possible, we feature US-made panels with warranties that eclipse the industry standard. Your off-grid system runs 24/7, so your panels should be as reliable as possible. We’ve got you covered.

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Canadian Solar 315

Affordable solar panels from a global leader in PV manufacturing. Canadian Solar is one of the largest producers of PV cells and modules. Their SuperPower mono PERC solar panels offer improved efficiency and reliability.

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Black frame, white backsheet

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Heliene 300 Black

All black panels with superior aesthetic appearance ideally suited for residential rooftop applications. Heliene is a premium manufacturer and all modules produced at their Canadian and American factories meet the requirements for the Buy-American and American Recovery and Reinvestment Acts.

$ $ $ $
Black frame, black backsheet

Power Center

A power center is a pre-wired off-grid inverter system with everything you need to get started: inverter, charge controller, remote control, and circuit breakers.

We assemble power centers in-house and test them on our workbench to make sure everything works the first time and every time. Once the power center passes our internal tests, we label the final connection points for you to make installation as easy as possible.


Most of our power centers have extra components for monitoring and protection. Accessories like battery monitors and surge suppressors help you keep an eye on your system to ensure it runs smoothly.

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Kohler 12kW Off-Grid Generator Package

Reliable backup generator for supplemental power for off-grid cabins and homes. Includes 12kW Kohler generator plus accessories.

  • Kohler 12RES generator
  • Maintenance Kit (Air filter, oil, oil filter, spark plugs)
  • Carburetor heater
  • OnCue Generator Management System

kohler generator image
kohler generator image

Kohler 28kW Off-Grid Generator Package

Backup generator for larger off-grid power requirements, dual 14kW generators combine for up to 28kW of AC output power. The PowerSync Module controls both generators, running on one when possible to save fuel, or in the event of a failure.

  • 2x Kohler 14RESA generators
  • Maintenance Kit (Air filter, oil, oil filter, spark plugs)
  • Carburetor heaters
  • Fuel regulator heaters
  • Kohler PowerSync Paralleling Module

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Schneider Conext ComBox

Remotely monitor and control your system with this powerful communications and monitoring device. The ComBox allows you to log and remotely access system data and configure settings from any internet connected device.

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Schneider Conext Auto Generator Start (AGS)

Automatically starts and stops your generator, based on what the batteries need. The AGS is designed to work with Schneider Conext XW+ and SW inverter/chargers.

Need Help Deciding? Give us a call.

Don’t get lost in the nitty gritty details. We’ll help you build a power center with monitoring tools to keep your system purring.


Shop All Off-Grid Packages and compare pricing and specs.

Racking System - Roof or Ground?

Once you have the components, you’ll need to mount them in place.

We offer several racking solutions to mount your system. Ground mounts can be aligned at the perfect angle to get the most output from your panels. Roof mounts are more cost-effective because they take advantage of your existing roof structure.

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roof mount racking

Roof Mount

Roof-mounted systems need flashings or clamps to attach to your roof top. We do not include these in our packages because the product you choose depends on the type of roof you have.

Here’s what we recommend, based on your roofing material:

  • Shingle Roofs: The IronRidge Flashfoot 2
  • Metal Roofs: S-5! makes a variety of clamps that accommodate standing seam, corrugated and trapezoidal metal roofs.
  • Tile Roofs: Quick Mount offers tile hooks and tile replacements to match your roof design.
ground mount racking

Ground Mount

Ground mounts allow you to install panels anywhere on your property. The panels can be installed to face directly into the sun during peak hours, which ensures your system is as efficient as possible.

You can also mount your system on adjustable pole mounts. These work well in high snow regions because you can raise your system off the ground where snow accumulates. You can also adjust pole mounts to a steeper tilt angle, which helps shed your panels shed snow in the winter.

Pole mounts cost more than a fixed ground mount, but work wonders in the right situation.

Todd, The Off-Grid Guru

Questions? Chat with us!

Todd built his own 3 kW solar system to power his Northern California home, where he lives off the grid with his wife and children. Todd and the rest of the Wholesale Solar team are here to answer any questions you have about designing a system that will fit your needs. Give us a call—we’re here to help.

How much will my system cost?

Use our solar cost calculator to judge where an off-grid system fits in your budget. Calculate your appliance needs or punch in your monthly energy use. We’ll estimate how much it will cost to build a system that covers your energy needs.

Of course, the calculator can only give you a ballpark figure. It’s challenging to account for usage peaks and lulls in production, especially in an off-grid setting. Our design techs can help you anticipate these challenges and build a solution to keep you running year-round.

Give us a call or request a quote online to get started.

We turn DIY enthusiasts into solar experts.

Still doing your research? Awesome – we love to talk to people who know their stuff. Our guides will help you design and build your off-grid system from start to finish.

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How to Buy a Solar Energy System (the right way!)

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