The all-in-one Power Center truly makes living off the grid easier—that’s because we pre-wire, test and house all necessary off-grid components into one easy-to-install mountable unit.
Pre-wired power centers for battery-based solar systems

Pre-Wired Power Centers 101

Off-grid systems require several different components to connect your solar panels to your battery bank.

Alongside the inverter (which moderates the flow of power in your system), you’ll need charge controllers, safety disconnects, breakers, surge suppressors and metering tools to get your system up and running.

Prefer not to wire these parts yourself? No problem: power centers pack these components into a convenient pre-assembled unit.

Wholesale Solar stocks power centers from Magnum, Midnite Solar, Outback and Four Star Solar to help get your off-grid system up and running as soon as possible.

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