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Fuses For Solar Systems

Browse fuses for solar electric systems from Magnum Energy and Midnite Solar.

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ModelPart No.DescriptionPrice
8960309MNTS Fuse Holder 1000VDC 30 AMP Max, DIN
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9125042Magnum ME-125F 125amp Fuse Block Assembly / Class ANL
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9400042Magnum ME-400F 400amp Fuse Block Assembly / Class T
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8960160MN1000FUSE-15 1000VDC 15 amp Fuse 10x38mm
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Fuses & Fuse Block 101

Fuses and circuit breakers protect the PV system wiring from getting too hot and catching fire. They also protect your system components from more serious damage if there is a short circuit.

It’s important to properly size your cables and wires to prevent excessive heat and possible fire. To ensure your system is safe and passes inspection, Wholesale Solar provides an electrical wiring diagram with every system we sell.

This page features fuses for a variety of solar components. These parts are automatically bundled with our complete system packages to simplify the research and design process.

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