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About Evergreen Solar

Key Points

  • Eco-friendly PV manufacturing process


Key Points:

  • Lead free solder
  • Founded in America, now manufactured in China to lower manufacturing costs
Evergreen Solar Panel
Evergreen Solar Panels

Did you know that Evergreen Solar has the smallest carbon footprint in the solar panel industry? They produce clean lead-free solar cells in the cleanest way possible.

At Wholesale Solar, we used to tout Evergreen solar panels as American-made as the company was founded in Marlboro, Massachusetts. More recently, Evergreen has shifted the assembly of solar panels to China. Future expansion there will take advantage of low manufacturing and labor costs.

Conventional solar panel technologies use energy-intensive casting and oil-based machining for producing silicon wafers used in solar panels. Evergreen's String RibbonTM technology allows them to make more solar cells using half the silicon and creating a fraction of the emissions. Because of their thinner cells, Evergreen Technology panels also use less grams of silicon per peak watt (Wp) than other leading solar panels.

Solar Panels by the Pallet

With less impact on the environment, Evergreen Technology’s solar panels do not compromise on power output. With their ES-A series, the efficiency ratings range from 12.7 to 13.4. And, the minimum guaranteed power is the nameplate so you never get less power than you paid for.

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