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About Kohler

Key Points

  • Industry-renowned for high-quality and reliable generators
  • Made in USA


KOHLER Power Systems is a division of Kohler Co., and provides complete power systems, including generators (home, industrial, mobile and marine), automatic transfer switches, switchgear, monitoring controls, and accessories for emergency, prime power and energy-management applications. KOHLER Power Systems has delivered energy solutions for markets worldwide since 1920.

Kohler Generators

ModelPart No.Watts (LPG/Natural Gas)AmpsVolts ACPrice
Subcategory: Home
Kohler 10RESV 10kW 120/240 UL Generator187004010,000 / 9,000W41.7A120 / 240VAC
Kohler 12RES 12kW, 120/240V UL/CSA Generator187007012,000 / 10,400W50A120 / 240VAC
Kohler 14RESA 14kW, 120/240V UL Generator187008514,000 / 12,000W70A120 / 240VAC
Kohler 20RESA 20kW, 120/240V UL Generator187012020,000 / 18,000W83A120 / 240VAC
Kohler 30RCL 30kW Generator, 120/240 UL/CSA Generator1870171CALL
Subcategory: Portable
Kohler PRO2.0iS Portable Generator18710002000W13.3A120VACCALL
Kohler PRO2.8i Portable Generator18710102800W20.8A120VACCALL
Kohler GEN 5.0 Portable Generator18710305000W17.9 @ 240VA120 / 240VACCALL
Kohler PRO3.7 Portable Generator18710453000W12.5A120 / 240VACCALL
Kohler PRO3.7E with Electric Start Portable Generator18710603700W12.5 @ 240VA120 / 240VACCALL
Kohler PRO5.2 Portable Generator18710755200W18.7 @ 240VA120 / 240VACCALL
Kohler PRO5.2E with Electric Start Portable Generator18710905200W18.8 @ 240VA120 / 240VACCALL
Kohler PRO 7.5 Portable Generator18711057500W26.2 @ 240VA120 / 240VACCALL
Kohler PRO 7.5E with Electric Start Portable Generator18711207500W26.2 @ 240VA120 / 240VACCALL
Kohler PRO 12.3 EFI Generator187112512,300W41.6 @ 240VA120 / 240VACCALL
Kohler PRO 5.4 DES Diesel with Electric Start Portable Generator18711305400W20 @ 240VA120 / 240VACCALL

Kohler Generator Accessories

ModelPart No.Price
Kohler Carburetor Heater, 120V, 6/12/14 kW1870350
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Kohler Carburetor Heater 120V - 8/10/12RESV(L)/20RESA(L)1870385
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Kohler CH740 Maintenance Kit, 12/14 kW1870400
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Kohler CH1000 Maintenance Kit, 18/20 kW1870410
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Kohler OnCue Generator Management System1870430
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Kohler Fuel Regulator Heater Kit, 120V, 20 kW1870475
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Kohler OnCue Plus Generator Management System, RDC2/DC2/VSC Controller1870485
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Kohler RXT Transfer Switch Status Indicator1870520CALL
Kohler RXT Transfer Switch Status and Load Shed Indicator1870525CALL
Kohler Kohler Maintenance Kit - 10/12RESV(L)1870610CALL
Kohler Maintenance Kit - 10/12RESV(L)1870615
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Kohler Kohler Power Relay Module 50 amp relay, NEMA 3R1870675CALL
Kohler RDT 100A / 240V Indoor Transfer Switch with Load Center1870685
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Kohler RXT 100A / 240V Outdoor Transfer Switch1870785CALL
Kohler RXT 100A / 240V Outdoor Transfer Switch with Load Center1870790
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Kohler RXT 200A / 240V Outdoor Transfer Switch1870795CALL
Kohler RXT 200A / 240V Outdoor Entrance Transfer Switch1870815
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Subcategory: Home
Kohler PowerSync Automatic Paralleling Module1870577
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Subcategory: Portable
Kohler Universal Wheel Kit1871155CALL
Kohler Universal Leg Kit (pair of two legs)1871160CALL
Kohler Universal Wheelbarrow Handle Kit1871165CALL
Kohler Universal Hand-truck Handle Kit1871170CALL
Kohler Universal Lifting Kit1871175CALL
Kohler 6-Circuit Transfer Switch for Portable Generators1871270CALL

Kohler Other

ModelPart No.DescriptionPrice
Kohler Kohler PRO5.0E Portable Generator, 5000W1871025Kohler PRO5.0E Portable Generator, 5000W$629.00

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