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About Renusol America

Key Points

  • Innovating mounting solutions for flat- and pitched-roof applications


Renusol Installed

Renusol VS Racking Solution has fewer parts.

Renusol America, a leading innovator of roof mounting systems for solar panels, makes installing solar a breeze. You'll save your precious time and your money. By adding American innovation to German engineering, Renusol has adapted their systems for American use, and installations with Renusol have blazed across the nation like wild fire.

Renusol America has two lines of racking--one for pitched roofs and one for flat roofs.

The Renusol VS is their pitched on-roof racking solution.
It is flexible and suited for all roofing types and most current solar panels. Thanks to a height-adjustable mounting mechanism, you can quickly adjust for different sizes of solar panels. The installation of the minimal, pre-assembled components is easy and fast. Stainless steel hardware and 6000 series aluminum rails provide strength and long life. High strength-to-weight ratio rail design keeps cost low while allowing longer spans.

Introduced in 2011, Renusol America C60 (Only sold in quantities of 100 pieces or more) is the first one piece mounting system for solar panels on flat roof applications . This ballasted, non-penetrating solar mounting system offers easy installation for most current solar panel at 10 and 15 degree pitches. With a better weight distribution, the system can address varying wind and load conditions that previously rendered some flat roof applications impractical. The racking unit, which was designed and made in America, is made of a 100% recycled plastic base--and is fully recyclable.

The company is part of the CentroSolar Group, a publicly traded company on the German stock exchange, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Renusol GmbH, a market leader in Europe with more than 600MW of solar power mounted on Renusol systems.

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