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About SMA

  • Website:
  • Made in: Varies
  • Warranty: 10 years for grid-tied Sunny Boy inverters
    5 years for off-grid Sunny Island inverters

Key Points

  • Wide range of inverters available for grid-tie and off-grid
  • Over 30 years industry experience
  • Some of the lowest failure rates in the PV inverter industry


Key Points:

  • Offers a wide range of inverters to suit most any solar panel or system.
  • Forefront of Inverter technology.

Founded in 1981, SMA Solar Technologies is headquartered in Niestetal, Germany, and has a worldwide presence in 15 different countries including the United States and Canada.

SMA touts themselves as the world's largest producer of solar inverters and monitoring systems for photovoltaic applications. With a wide range of inverters, they have one for every module type and power class including grid-tied, offgrid, or backup applications. Wholesale Solar designs their UL listed Solar Sky Gridtie Systems with SMA SunnyBoy inverters.

While SMA inverters are designed in Germany, the Sunny Central, the Sunny Island, and SMA SunnyBoy inverters in the 3 kW to 7 kW range are assembled in their new plant in Denver, Colorado. These inverters qualify for the ARRA recovery act and are UL and cUL listed.

Continually pushing the envelope when it comes to technology, SMA launched its own SMA solar academy in Rocklin, California, in April 2011. Their Solar Academy is equipped with the latest high-tech teaching tools and demonstration inverters to complement its comprehensive range of courses on photovoltaics and SMA products.

SMA Disconnects

ModelPart No.AmpsVolts ACVolts DCPrice
Subcategory: Rapid Shutdown
SMA Rapid Shutdown Box, 4 Strings, 2 Channels2931940Per channel: 20A240VAC600VDC
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Subcategory: Rapid Shutdown Accessory
SMA Rapid Shutdown Controller RSC-1X-US-102931945Per channel: 20A240VAC600VDC
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Key Points

  • Offers a wide range of inverters to suit most any solar panel or system.
  • Forefront of inverter technology


SMA Inverters are a fantastic option for installing your inverter directly on your PV module when dealing when complex roofs or difficult to-access areas. These inverters come in a variety of sizes for different applications from small to medium-sized households to off-grid applications to industrial systems. Thanks to the right communcations technology, such as SMA’s Webconnect integrated into the inverter, your electrical data can also be accessed online

SMA Inverters

ModelPart No.WattsInput
Subcategory: Commercial Grid Tie
SMA Sunny TriPower 20000TL-US-10 Inverter295015420000W1000VDC480VACThree Phase
SMA Sunny TriPower 12000TL-US-10 Inverter295015612000W1000VDC480VACThree Phase
SMA Sunny TriPower 15000TL-US-10 Inverter295015715000W1000VDC480VACThree Phase
SMA Sunny TriPower 24000TL-US-10 Inverter295015824000W1000VDC480VACThree Phase
SMA Sunny TriPower 30000TL-US-10 Inverter295016030000W1000VDC480VACThree Phase
SMA Sunny TriPower 60000TL-US-10 Inverter295016260000W1000VDC480VACThree Phase
SMA Sunny TriPower CORE1 STP-50-US-40 Inverter295018050000W1000VDC480VACThree Phase
Subcategory: Grid Tie
SMA Sunny Boy 4000TL-US-22 Inverter29317164000W600VDC208/240VACDual Input MPPTCALL
SMA Sunny Boy 5.0-US Inverter29317255000W600VDC240VACTriple Input MPPT
SMA Sunny Boy 6.0-US Inverter29317266000W600VDC240VACTriple Input MPPT
SMA Sunny Boy 3.0-US Inverter29317273000W600VDC240VACDual Input MPPT
SMA Sunny Boy 3.8-US Inverter29317283800W600VDC240VACDual Input MPPT
SMA Sunny Boy 7.0-US Inverter29317297000W600VDC240VACTriple Input MPPT
SMA Sunny Boy 7.7-US Inverter29317307700W600VDC240VACTriple Input MPPT
SMA Sunny Boy 240-US-99-10 Inverter2960055240W45VDC208/240VACMicroinverterCALL
Subcategory: Off Grid
SMA Sunny Island 4548-US-10 Inverter29454834500W48VDC120VACPure sine wave
SMA Sunny Island 6048-US-10 Inverter29454845750W48VDC120VACPure sine wave


SMA Inverters can be complimented with a variety of accessories. If you wish to monitor your inverter more closely SMA offers products for sytem monitoring giving the widest range of possibilities including wireless or internet based, compact or complex and concise or elaborate monitoring. There are also a variety of wires, combiners and spare parts for SMA Inverters here at Wholesale Solar.

SMA Inverter Accessories

ModelPart No.DescriptionPrice
SMA Sunny Webbox BT-202900003SMA Sunny Webbox BT-20 with Bluetooth DataloggerCALL
SMA BTREP-IN, Sunny Beam Bluetooth Repeater9933119SMA BTREP-IN, Sunny Beam Bluetooth RepeaterCALL
SMA SB RS-485-N Module9960133SMA RS485-N Module Piggyback card for remote communication to PC
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Subcategory: Cables
SMA Serivce Cable USBPBS2931546SMA Sunny Boy PC Service Cable, USBPBSCALL
SMA Sunny Boy Micro AC Field Plug Cap2960060SMA Sunny Boy Micro AC Field Plug CapCALL
Subcategory: Combiner Box
SMA SCCB-12 Combiner2900004SMA 600VDC 12 circuit combinerCALL
SMA CU1000-US Sunny Tripower DC Connection Unit2900006SMA CU1000-US-10 Sunny Tripower DC Connection Unit
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Subcategory: Monitoring
SMA Anemometer Sensor2931935SMA Anemometer Sensor for Sunny Sensor BoxCALL
SMA Temperature Sensor2931955SMA Ambient Temperature Sensor for Sunny Sensor BoxCALL
SMA Sunny Sensor Box2958342SMA Sunny Sensor Box, includes irradiance and module tempCALL
SMA SWDM-10 Speedwire/Webconnect Interface2960018SMA SWDM-10 Webconnect Speedwire Interface for TL-22 InvertersCALL
SMA Rooftop Communication Kit ROOFCOMMKIT-P1-US2960070SMA Rooftop Communication Kit ROOFCOMMKIT-P1-US
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SMA SWPB-US-109994994SMA SWPB-US-10 Webconnect Speedwire Interface for TL-12 inverters$185.00
Subcategory: Power Optimizer
SMA TS4-R-S Module Retrofit Kit 476-00240-002931800SMA TS4-R-S Module Retrofit Kit 375W Optimizer 476-00240-00
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SMA TS4-R-S Module Retrofit Kit 476-00252-002931805SMA TS4-R-S Module Retrofit Kit 475W 476-00252-00CALL
SMA TS4-R-O Module Retrofit Kit 471-00252-102931810SMA TS4-R-O Module Retrofit Kit 475W Optimizer 471-00252-10
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