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Grid-Tied or Off-Grid?

Grid-Tied or Off-Grid?

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Custom Systems

The solar panel kits above usually work for most folks' needs, but we wouldn't be the DIY Solar Experts if we didn't specialize in custom system design. Whatever your application, our techs are here to talk to you about it and design the perfect solar panel system.
Gary W. had no power lines nearby. The electric company told him it would cost $10,000 a pole. He chose to purchase our medium-sized system, The Homestead, one of the most popular we sell. For an investment of under $20 Grand, he now lives where he wants, he is not tethered to the power company, and he does not have to worry about blackouts or disconnection notices for late payments.
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Cyril Richardson and his family witnessed two Category 5 hurricanes in the course of two weeks. They weathered it safely, but like thousands of other Virgin Island residents, they found themselves without power and with no real hope of having it restored for months. With the help of our solar experts, Cyril settled on our popular off-grid system, The Ranch.
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The price breakdown really surprised Tom D. He was enjoying a nice solar installation presentation at a kiosk at Costco when the numbers came out. Two-thirds of the overall cost was installation. Tom got online and found Wholesale Solar. He didn't have much construction experience and had no electrical experience. But after conversations with our solar experts, he felt confident to take on the project.
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Rocky considers himself an "extreme DIYer". He's never worked in construction, but he built his house, garage, and workshop. He didn't know anything about solar or DC wiring/properties, but the huge cost savings inspired him to take on the challenge and learn what he needed to know. Our solar experts helped bridge the gaps in his knowledge and supported him through a successful install.
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