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These systems are discontinued, but you can get the same functionality from our off-grid packages and grid-tied battery backup systems.

Grid-Assisted Solar Power Systems

Grid-Assisted solar power systems: The best of both worlds!

Grid-assisted systems are ideal for DIY folks who want to have the independence of off-grid power with the convenience of backing-up with grid-power when necessary.

Wholesale Solar's Grid-Assist Solar Power Systems are designed around pre-wired American made Inverter Power Centers and reliable battery banks.

Two choices of how your system will work

With Magnum Energy Inverters
  • Does not feed solar powered electricity back to the grid.
  • Does not need to be approved by your Utility because it will not be using the grid for feedback.
  • Allows you to charge batteries with grid electricity OR with solar power.
  • Battery bank can be sized to support essential loads OR your entire house.
With OutBack Radian Inverters
  • Can be programmed either to feed excess electricity back to the grid OR to completely prevent electricity feedback to the grid.
  • Is an ideal solution for solar installations in communities where the Utility currently does not allow feedback but may later.
  • Allows you to charge batteries with grid electricity OR with solar power.

Battery Banks for Grid-Assist Solar Power Systems

  • Sized to support essential loads. Can be upgraded to support entire house
  • Can be charged by solar panels or with grid electricity
  • Now include both racking and a battery bank for a complete grid-assist solution
Grid-Tied System
  • Allows you to feed your excess electricity back to the grid for credits

    Is for areas where the utility company is willing to accept your excess electricity

    Allows you to size your solar system to your budget and use grid-produced electricity to make up the slack

    Standard grid-tied solar power systems can not charge a battery bank

    When the grid goes down, you lose all power
Grid-Assist System  
  • Live with partial or complete energy independence by powering your home with solar panels

    Power Company’s permission is not required

    Store extra solar power in your own batteries for nighttime or emergencies

    Stay connected to the grid and use them instead of a generator if your solar panels don't produce a full day of sunshine

    Choose your level of independence without compromise
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