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PV meters monitor and track your energy usage. Add a meter to your system to measure PV production and energy consumption.

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9915942Magnum ME-BMK Battery Monitor- with shunt
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9541875Outback Flexnet FN-DC System Monitor
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2430068Schneider Conext Battery Monitor 24/48V
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9994912SolarEdge 240V Electricity Meter SE-MTR240-0-000-S2- 200/400A CT Sold SeparatelyCALL
9995912SolarEdge 240V Energy Meter w/ Modbus Connection SE-MTR240-NN-S-S1 200/400A CT Sold Separately
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Meter 101

PV system meters are an essential tool used to monitor and track your energy usage and production.

In an off-grid system, battery monitors are used to measure battery state of charge, which is necessary for optimizing battery life and determining when your batteries need to be charged or are finished charging.

For grid-tied systems, meters are used to record PV production and home energy consumption. In some cases, the utility will require a separate meter to track your PV production.

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