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Getting Started

Four Easy Steps to Design Your Own solar power system Once your renewable energy system is in place, you will be your own electric company! You, or someone you pay, will be responsible for maintaining the health of all the components. By going through the design process and getting to know the various parts, you can optimize the success of your system.

Interested in saving money? Lower your energy use to make the most of the money you spend on your solar PV system. You will need the kilowatt hours (kWh) you use to determine your system size. A common mistake is trying to use your home’s square feet or available roof space.

See Step 1: Evaluate and Lower Your Energy Use.


Click below for a live demo of a micro-inverter solar power system

View live demonstration of Wholesale Solar's solar power system. With Enphase Enlighten, an online monitoring system for solar panels, you can see much power each of your solar panels is generating from any computer. Check it out.

Enlighten Monitoring System


System Size

Grid Tie systems connect to the electrical grid. The power that your solar system produces will offset the power that you consume. To size a Grid Tie system, we need to know your average monthly kilowatt hour (kWh) usage. This is found on your monthly bill. You can also base the size of your system on the space available on your roof or parcel. All systems can be added to over time so if your budget is a factor, you can start small and add to it as your budget allows.


One of the first things to consider is which kind of panel you would like to use. We offer American made Suniva panels, foreign made  Astronergy panels and many more.


Solar panels produce direct current (DC) power, but your home uses alternating current (AC) power. To convert the power from DC to AC so you can use it, you need an inverter. We offer three options for Grid Tie inverters: centralized string inverter, micro inverters and SolarEdge inverters. We have a number of predesigned Grid Tie packages on our website, or we can custom design a system to fit your needs.


Your solar panels can be mounted on your roof, or on the ground. The exact cost of the mounting systems depends on your roofing material or your ground mounted configuration. The roof mounted option averages $73 per panel and the ground mounted option averages $135 per panel. For more information, we have a racking information center on our website. The Good News? All of our predesigned packages include racking in the system price making it simple for you to select a system that fits your budget and need.


The majority of our customers are the DIY type. Our systems come with complete product manuals and wiring diagrams. If you’re not interested in climbing on your roof to install your system, any licensed general contractor should be able to assist with the installation of the system for you. Depending on local building regulations, any certified electrician can complete the grid interconnect portion of the installation. Please let us know if you need more information about installing your system. We may know someone in your area that could help!

Battery Backup Systems

Gridtie solar power systems generally operate only when utility power is available. When the grid goes down, the electricity from your solar panels will be disconnected. Now, battery backup systems with specialized power centers from Four Star Solar enable your gridtied solar panels to charge a battery bank from which you can power your home. Learn more about battery back-up. No power, no problem!

Local, State and Federal Incentives

Each state has it’s own set of incentives for sustainable energy. Take a look at the map and click on your state to see what is being offered in your area. There is also a Federal tax credit available for purchases before December 31, 2021.

Based on our high volume of calls, sometimes it can take up to 48 hours to hear back from our solar designers. We thank you in advance for your patience and encourage you to visit our customer gallery  and view our team videos while waiting. It can also be helpful to create a list of questions for the technician when he/she calls. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals with solar power!