In windy areas, wind turbines make an excellent backup power source for off-grid solar systems. Browse wind turbines from Silentwind, Primus Windpower and Midnite Solar.
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Off-grid solar systems should be paired with a backup power source. Without utility power as a fallback, off-grid setups need a backup plan in case their solar system can’t produce enough power to meet the property’s needs.

Gas generators are the most common solution. But in areas with high wind speeds, wind turbines can be just as efficient to support your solar production (if not more so).

Hybrid wind+solar systems work well because they are extremely complementary. Wind speeds are highest in winter when the solar system gets less exposure to sunlight. Wind turbines provide power during solar’s “down periods”—at night, and during inclement weather.

Wind power is also cleaner and more sustainable than a generator, making it the perfect complement to solar power to minimize impact on the environment.

For turbines to be a viable solution, wind speeds must exceed the turbine’s start-up speed (typically 5-8+ mph). This is the minimum speed required for the turbine to produce power. Contact us to determine if a hybrid wind/solar system makes sense for you.

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